Ever After - Under the Iron Sea (March 2019 PPU Exclusive)

I have one last polish to share from this weekend's upcoming Polish Pickup 'Album Covers' release.  Ever After has taken on Keane's sophomore album, Under the Iron Sea and created a polish that just needs to find its way onto your wish list. Under the Iron Sea is an album that is based on the realities of finally achieving what you set out to do and the pros and cons that come with it so this deep, moody polish perfectly captured the colours of the cover art as well as the feel of the music.

Under the Iron Sea is a deep navy holo with blue shifting aurora shimmer and navy blue holo hex and micro flakes. For me, I saw a blackened teal jelly base with small dark microflakes and a strong tightly scattered holo flare. The holo is really prominent in person and my bright lights kind of washed that out.  You can see it better in the macro shots.

I'm not much one for green polish or blue polish but when you give me a deep teal polish, it's always instant love.  I knew from the second I unwrapped this bottle that I was going to love how it looks. I was right.  This is the type of colour I could wear forever.

Like the album this polish is based on, the formula of Under the Iron Sea is perfection.  Jelly holos really work well for me, especially given I have such a strong c-curve (especially on my ring finger). The jelly applies easily and then stays where it's put. The first coat was slightly transparent but the second covered my nail line perfectly!  Easy application and removal.

Under the Iron Sea will be available for $11 from March 1st - March 4th at Polish Pickup.

Will you be adding this to your ever extending list?

Ever After 

Polish Pickup

Fiendish Fancies - Famous Blue Raincoat (March 2019 PPU Exclusive)

"Leonard Cohen isn't a singer. He's a poet who sings."
-Author unknown

Happy Sunday morning, everyone!  I'm back again today with another polish for this week's upcoming Polish Pickup 'Album Cover' release.

I will be the first person to admit that I am not hugely into Leonard Cohen. I like his music and feel like the above mentioned quote about him being a poet is spot on. I am more familiar with Cohen's poetry than his music thanks to a high school english teacher who used his poems often when introducing new novels and themes.  You cannot argue Cohen's influence and talent, however.  So, I was not one bit surprised to read that Lara over at Fiendish Fancies decided to create a polish based on one of my personal favourites by Cohen, Famous Blue Raincoat. Even better, she decided to use the cover that was done by Jennifer Warnes which includes Cohen's music and lyrics but changed to focus on the female perspective of the song.

Famous Blue Raincoat is a  bright navy blue base filled with gold flakes and a blue shimmer and subtle holo sparkle.  This polish looks different depending on lighting and skin tone, like most blues would.  My fellow bloggers who received this polish really brought out some of the differences of this polish.  My swatches you see here are true to how the colour looked to my eye when wearing it.

Fiendish Fancies' polishes are always the ones that I get stopped about the most by non-nail polish people when I am out and about doing my thing.  I can't remember a time when I was wearing one of Lara's polishes when someone out in the world didn't stop me to ask me what it was.

Famous Blue Raincoat is almost a one coater polish. I used two coats for the purpose of photography but I probably could have gotten away with just one.  It did dry down to what I would call a demi-matte finish.  Not matte enough to be called a matte but enough that I wanted to use the topcoat to really bring out the depth of the flakes in this polish.  Fiendish Fancies wears really well on me and I got 5 days without any noticeable wear before I changed it.

Low light
Famous Blue Raincoat will be available from Polish Pickup starting March 1st until March 4th. There is a cap of 100 bottles (US/Canada) and 20 bottles (UK) and will retail for $12.

Do you think Lara captured the spirit of Cohen's song?

Fiendish Fancies

Polish Pickup

Man in Black - My Indie Polish (March 2019 PPU Exclusive)

There's a man goin' 'round takin' names
And he decides who to free and who to blame
Everybody won't be treated all the same
There'll be a golden ladder reachin' down
When the man comes around
-The Man Comes Around, Johnny Cash, American IV

If I was forced to name my favourite album of all time.....more than Pearl Jam, more than U2, more than the Rolling Stones....it would be American IV by Johnny Cash. Other than the song I posted above, it's an album of cover songs sung by Cash. Generally speaking, I'm not much one for cover songs.  This album, though? It transcends covers and Cash actually takes songs written and turns them into his own, and in many cases better than the originals.  Don't believe me? Just listen to 'Hurt'.

Okay, now that I have gone off and waxed poetic about my love for this album, you'll understand my excitement when Tanya of My Indie Polish reached out to see if I was interested in swatching her Cash-inspired offering for March 2019's Polish Pickup theme of 'Album Covers'.

Man in Black is a black crelly filled with silver flakes and a subdued holo sparkle.

Okay, so.  I am not much of a black nail polish fan usually. Probably because in my teen years I exclusively wore black nail polish so these days I enjoy the sparkle and pops of colour.  HOWEVER. This polish is sheer understated perfection. Johnny Cash isn't an over the top guy. He wore black. He loved being at home with his wife. He believed in God. All in all, he was a pretty understated guy himself. I cannot think of a better designed polish to represent the Man in Black.  The crelly base allows the flakes to swim under the surface and the addition of the slight holo is just enough to bring in that sparkle that Johnny always had.

I am a fan of My Indie Polish's formula.  Tanya has been in the business for over seven years, so it's no surprise that she knows what it takes to make a good, easily applied formula.  The first coat is slightly translucent but the second coat achieved complete opacity.  My skin around my fingers tends to hold colour (not the nails, but the skin) so I always use a coat of an oil-based balm before removal to prevent staining, and I had no issues with that. Removal was easy-peasy.

Man in Black will be available from Polish Pickup from March 1st - March 4th and will be priced at $12.50.  I do not believe that there is a cap to this polish but will update if that changes.

Final verdict - I love this polish like Johnny loved June.

My Indie Polish 

Polish Pickup

Top Shelf Lacquer - The Ten Club (March 2019 PPU Exclusive)

I have been a Pearl Jam fan since my teen years in the mid 90s. I was an alternative music girl through and through. I would spend hours in my bedroom, listening to Pearl Jam, and painting on my walls and making collages.  It was all very stereotypical.  While I have changed a lot since my teen years, one thing that has stayed consistent is my undying love of anything Pearl Jam related.

When Polish Pickup announced that March's theme was 'Album Covers', I was really hoping to see a PJ polish included. You can imagine my excitement when it was Top Shelf Lacquer (which I adore) that was doing it. And even more when it was based on the album that started it all, Ten.

The Ten Club is a coral-ish crelly base filled with orange to magenta shifting shimmer, and aurora flakes in pops of green, pink, purple, and orange.

If you look at the collage above, you can see that the polish really matches the inspiration album cover.  It's the addition of the magenta to orange shimmer that really gets me in this polish. It's perfectly compatible with what's happening on the cover and I love it.

I used two coats of The Ten Club (how great is that name?! That's how you know it's a great homage to the band!) for full opacity.  The first coat dried a touch translucent but the second coat really covered up any patches.  It has the application of a creme but the squishy look of a jelly, which really lets the elements of the polish to shine through.

If you're new to Pearl Jam, I would suggest the album Ten is a great place to start.  Some of PJ's most known and loved songs come from this album, such as Alive and Jeremey.  One of my personal Pearl Jam favourites, Black, comes from this album and I promise you won't be sorry if you add it to your playlist.

The Ten Club will be available from Polish Pickup from March 1 - March 4 only. It will be listed for $13 and there is no planned cap.

What is your favourite Pearl Jam song? I'd love to hear from you!

Top Shelf Lacquer

Polish Pickup