Blacklace Cosmetics - Jenova (June 2018 Polish Pickup)

Hi everyone! It's been a hot minute but I have been busy with some HUGE life changes that has kept me from being able to spend much time on the blog.  In just a few weeks, my husband and I will be leaving our Arctic home where we've lived for the last ten years and are moving across the country. Let me tell you, packing up five Helmers worth of polish has been crazy stressful!

Polish Pickup this month is based on video games and Blacklace Cosmetics is a Canadian brand that is offering a gorgeous polish based on Final Fantasy VII. Here is Jenova.

Jenova is described as a 'greyed out blue with a teal shimmer'. On my skin tone, the base's grey took over which allowed the teal shimmer to really take the spotlight on this polish. I described it as 'shark-like' to the maker and that is exactly what it reminded me of. I really like how Amber-Marie has taken her polishes back to 'basic' lately. Simple, classic, less bells and whistles.  It's something I have be missing for a while.  I love complex polish but sometimes a simple shimmer polish is exactly what you need!

The formula of Jenova was great. It's a little on what I call the 'indie thickness' side, which I describe as staying where you put it when you apply it.  A smooth, easy two coats and I was good to go. It was ALMOST a one coater, but the second coat added depth and more coverage.

Jenova by Blacklace Cosmetics will be available this weekend from Polish Pickup! Be on the lookout for this gorgeous grey when you're doing your shopping! Have you started your wishlist yet?

Polish Pickup

Road to Polish Con - Week 7

Hi everyone!  First, I have to apologize for the lateness of this post. I came home from my sister's wedding in Mexico last week with some sort of plague that descended on me and knocked me off my feet for five days. It's still lingering and with some really big life changes happening, my body is having a hard time fighting it off.

Today, I have the two polishes that are available for Week 7 Road to Polish Con, which have been created by Glisten & Glow and Different Dimension! Get ready for your mind to be blown because they're both THERMALS!

Different Dimension - Eat, Drink, and Be Fairy

Eat, Drink, and Be Fairy is described as a light purple to silver thermal holographic polish, with a gorgeous colour-shifting unicorn type shimmer, complemented by holographic silver galaxy microglitters. On me, the purple leans towards an orchid pink. I cannot explain just how much I love the shift of this polish.  It's so delicate and girly. 

The glitters in this polish did dry to a slight texture, which is easily smoothed out with a top coat. I got almost full coverage on one coat, but did two for the sake of the thermal aspect and photography.  I have never worn a DD polish that I didn't love the formula of and this one is no different.

Glisten & Glow - Fairy in Love

Glisten & Glow Fairy in Love is described as teal to very light teal thermal holographic polish with mesmerizing pink and orange unicorn pigment with sparkles of holographic silver galaxy microglitters. The shift of this polish was much more obvious in person than it is in photos.  I have about eighty G&G polishes and this polish right here is hands down my favourite of all time, bar none.  I am a huge thermal fan, but it isn't the thermal aspect of this polish that just slayed me - it's the shifting shimmer pigment.  The pink to orange in the teal base is a completely unique combination that I have never seen before and I just cannot express how much I love it!

Again, amazing formula on this polish.  The microglitters are less dense so it dried down smooth and topcoat really helped to bring out the shimmer.  This is a must-have polish!

Both the Different Dimension and Glisten & Glow Road to Polish Con polishes are available now!  They are being sold for $11 and can be found at The Polish Convention. Don't forget to use the code MYLACQUERCABINET to get your free gift with purchase!!