Road to Polish Con - Week 5 - Kathleen & Co.

Hi everyone! I'm back after a little break that I took after the craziness that was PPU.

Have you all been following the Road to Polish Con releases? Because if not, you're missing out.

This is Week 5 in the series and I'm here to share the Kathleen & Co offering with you all.

Purple Pixies on Parade

Purple Pixies on Parade is described as a purple crelly base with turquoise metallic microflakes and colour shifting flakes.  I would call this the perfect stereotypical girly polish, which I love. There also seemed to be a pink shimmer in there too.

Kathleen & Co is a new brand to me and I was really impressed by the formula for this polish. It went on smoothly and covered in two easy coats. The flakes just shimmer under the surface of the polish but I didn't get issues with dragging or texture. A+ from me on formula.

Purple Pixies on Parade will only be available during this week. It retails for $11. You can purchase it directly here

Don't forget, if you order from the Road to Polish Con, you can use the code MYLACQUERCABINET and receive a gift with purchase. If you're taking advantage of the one shipment of polish at the end of the RtPC series, use the code MYLACQUERCABINETHOLD and you'll still get your gift. 

Are you all going to Polish Con? I'll be in the middle of moving so can't make it this year but hope next year will be my year. 

Have a great week, everyone!

Polish Pickup - April 2018 - The Wanderers

If you haven't seen my post for the polishes created by indie brands starting with A through E and the second featuring F through M, and then the third that showcases N through Z, please take a minute to check those out first. Today, I am featuring the brands that decided to go wandering before they showed up in my mailbox.

I have the next set of polishes that Polish Pickup is offering for the anniversary month of April. All polishes are based on the theme 'Across the Universe: Planets & Galaxies', which was voted on by the members of the group.

So, in case you're new to Polish Pickup (or if you just want an overview), here's the rundown.  The brilliant minds behind Fair Maiden Polish, Adrienne and Sarah, listened when the indie community overwhelmingly asked for a 'collaboration box'-style release but with polishes that could be picked by the customer based on tastes, price, wants, and needs, but that could still all be shipped together for one shipping price. They put their heads together and came up with the concept that is now Polish Pickup. Each month in the Facebook group, Polish Pickup Pack, customers and makers alike suggest themes for the upcoming months, and then vote on the theme they are most excited by. Then the indie brand owners get to work.  On the first Friday of each month through until midnight that following Monday, the store opens up for a pre-order style release.  A few weeks later, once all the polish has been made and shipped to PPU headquarters, orders start being compiled and sent.  It's just like magic for us customers, really.

Okay, so now you know the why.  Let's get into the what for April.

Anchor & Heart

Polish Name: I Have the Power

Inspiration: Masters of the Universe

Maker Description: A turquoise foil finish that shows off shifting UCC and iridescent flakies in various colours. Also features an aurora pigment that gives the polish a subtle pink/orange glow in certain lighting!

My notes on colour and finish: I would describe this polish as 'Space Mermaid'. It's shimmery and full of flakes and was super reflective.  I think I would prefer this polish most as a topper over a mint creme. I will try that next.

Formula/Application: Just how I like it. Thinner and easily applied.  I couldn't ask for more.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $13

Additional Commentary: This is another brand that I like a lot.  The one shipping cost makes it very easy for me to now purchase from so many brands that I just couldn't afford to buy every release.  I now have a nice little A&H collection.

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer

Polish Name: Monster in a Turbulent Star

Inspiration: NGC Cone Nebula

Maker Description: Bright orange-leaning red with scattered holographic with a touch of larger particle linear holo pigment, aqua shimmer, turquoise glass fleck, gunmetal and gold microflakes, and green to aqua shifting shimmer.

My notes on colour and finish: Gosh, this is a beautiful colour.  The red base is unique enough that you won't get away with saying "Oh, I have enough of this colour". I am a sucker for anything with gold of any sort and the flakes are subtle but provide a really interesting visual detail.  And it is much, MUCH more holo than I could get it to show.  Pesky day job prevents me from much photography during daylight hours.

Formula/Application: Amazing, smooth. It was *almost* too easy. This is a very pigmented polish, so I recommend a good base coat just in case of staining. I didn't have any, but just in case.

Coats: One. Yup. One.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $12.00

Additional Commentary: BEGL has always made a quality product that I enjoy. I am really happy to see her back in PPU this month after a bit of a hiatus.

Store / Facebook / Instagram / Fan Group

BLUSH Lacquers

Polish Name: Lasso the Moon

Inspiration: It's a Wonderful Life

Maker Description: A soft silvery-taupe base with violet-blue shimmer, holo pigment, and holo flakes.

My notes on colour and finish: Oh. My. God. Polish perfection!  The base of this is just neutral enough to carry the electric shock of the shimmer without it being over the top.  Over the top impressive but still a very delicate polish.

Formula/Application: A touch on the thicker side but that indie polish thick and not gloopy thick (does that make sense?). The brush is larger but short, so I was able to get control even though I usually like a smaller brush. Easy to work with.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: No Cap.

Price: $13

Additional Commentary: Two things.  The branding of this indie is fantastic.  I love everything from the bottle, to the logo, to the screen printed bottles.  It feels like a lot of effort went into the aesthetic. Second, when I met my husband, he used to drive a little black sports car that he had decked out with neon blue/violet lights on the inside.  He LOVED it and it was a source of epic razzing from me.  The second I put on this polish, I ran out to show him the shimmer and asked him what it reminded him of. It is exactly how the inside of his car used to look! For that, this polish will have a soft spot in my heart.

Store / Instagram / Fan Group 

Colores de Carol

Polish Name: Jupiter's Twin

Maker's Description: 
a sparkly minty green linear holographic with Aurora shimmer and holo dust

My notes on colour and finish: I really like how fresh and spring-y this polish is.  And it's much more holo than I could get it to look under my lights late at night. I wish I had done three coats for my photos. In person, two coats was completely opaque.  In my photos, though, I see a very slightly visible nail line.  This was not observed in person.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $11

Additional Commentary: I have spoken a few times about underrated brands.  CdC is definitely one of those.  She's been around for a while, makes a really good product, and is always on point for the season.

Store / Facebook
Moon Shine Mani

Polish Name: Ludicrous Speed

Inspiration: Spaceballs

Maker Description: Galactic teal with shimmer dynamically shifting from purple to pink to gold to green while holo flakies twinkle and orange to pink to green shifting flakies blaze from within. 

My notes on colour and finish: Moon Shine Mani ain't playing with this polish.  The shift from teal into blue into purple isn't really seen in the bottle but put it on the nail and BAM! There is it! I was floored when I added the second coat because I wasn't expecting it. 

Formula/Application: Great formula and easily applied.  Opaque with a couple coats.  Again, another brand with a larger brush but the short handle makes it easy to work with.

Coats: Two

Limit/Capped: No cap.

Price: $11

Additional Commentary: This is another brand I have found through Polish Pickup and have been impressed with every one I have received.  I would consider MSM a brand 'to watch'.

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Ms. Sparkle

Polish Name: Starbits

Inspiration: Mario Galaxy

Maker Description: a black base crelly, loads of blue shimmer and a mix of different shades of tiny hexes, holo micro glitter, scatter holo and stars in different shades, both metallic and matte

My notes on colour and finish: I can't speak to this polish as it didn't get to me on time.  However, I do respect that the brand did send me a bottle to be swatched and as such, I have decided to include photos from Manis & Makeovers.  Please head over to her blog to read about her experience with Starbits.

Limit/Capped: No cap.

Price: $11

Watch for this post to continue to be updated as the last of the polish continue to roll in!  One thing I know for sure, I don't envy you all having to decide on what you want this month!

Thank you all for reading.