Polish Pickup - April 2018 - Brands F-M

If you haven't seen my post for the polishes created by indie brands starting with A through E, click here. Today, I am featuring the brands that start with F through to M.

I have the next set of polishes that Polish Pickup is offering for the anniversary month of April. All polishes are based on the theme 'Space & Galaxies', which was voted on my the member of the group.

So, in case you're new to Polish Pickup (or if you just want an overview), here's the rundown.  The brilliant minds behind Fair Maiden Polish, Adrienne and Sarah, listened when the indie community overwhelmingly asked for a 'collaboration box'-style release but with polishes that could be picked by the customer based on tastes, price, wants, and needs, but that could still all be shipped together for one shipping price. They put their heads together and came up with the concept that is now Polish Pickup. Each month in the Facebook group, Polish Pickup Pack, customers and makers alike suggest themes for the upcoming months, and then vote on the theme they are most excited by. Then the indie brand owners get to work.  On the first Friday of each month through until midnight that following Monday, the store opens up for a pre-order style release.  A few weeks later, once all the polish has been made and shipped to PPU headquarters, orders start being compiled and sent.  It's just like magic for us customers, really.

Okay, so now you know the why.  Let's get into the what for April.  

Fair Maiden Polish

Polish Name: Interstellar

Inspiration: A bursting night sky in golds, aquas, greens and blues

Maker Description: A soft blue based linear holo multichrome that shifts champagne golden - green - aqua, with holographic glitters in copper, silver and gold.

My notes on colour and finish: The golden shimmer and green to teal shift is unique. I haven't before seen this colour shift and it's filled a hole in my Helmer I didn't know existed.

Formula/Application: Has there ever been a bad Fair Maiden? Not in my experience. Buttery smooth and a thinner formula, which is always my preference.

Coats: Two

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $11.00

Additional Commentary: I am a HUGE fan of business women, and Adrienne and Sarah are just that. Not just women who happen to own a business, but women who are building their own business empires.  I have so much respect for how they can run a successful polish company, transition it into this explosive idea, and STILL produce a stunning polish each month.

Store / Facebook / Instagram / Fan Group

Fanchromatic Nails

Polish Name: Space Taco

Maker Description: The deep purple of a nebula is combined with the golden flakies of a crispy taco shell to create a base color that reads sparkly brown in most lights. Holo shards and flakies represent the cosmos, while glitters are incorporated throughout in orange, brown, red and green to represent the toppings. This is a vegan taco, ethically and lovingly set among the stars.

My notes on colour and finish: A glitter bomb that provides full coverage. It does look more brown on my skin and I'd love to see it on other skin tones to see it take on the purple hue.

Formula/Application: I figured this would be hard to apply because of the sheer amount of glitter but I was wrong. It was easily built up to opacity. Dried to a textured finish. I used a coat of Gelous and a quick dry top coat to smooth out the texture. Needed a little elbow action to remove the glitter.

Coats: Two

Capped/Limit: 160 bottles

Price: $12

Additional Commentary: Huge points for the inspiration photo and cheeky polish. It's a bit of a PPU joke that we should vote for a taco theme and I like that someone finally took the bull by the horns and created a taco polish!  I like wit so this makes me smile.

Also available is Captain Tight Pants Cuticle Balm.  It is a vegan, all-natural cuticle balm full of nourishing, healing and protective ingredients. This balm is delicately scented with a custom blended essential oil accord that gives it hints of leather, cotton and steel.

I have decided that I need all the leather scents.  Even my husband commented on this and he usually couldn't care less.  It is very oil based so allow an extra few minutes for it to fully absorb.

Capped: 52 jars
Price: $6.50

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Femme Fatale

Polish Name: Velvet Galaxy

Inspiration: BlackMilk Galaxy Amethyst Velvet Pocket Midi Dress 

Maker Description: a magenta based multichrome which shifts from blue to pink, packed with holo silver glitters and holographic particles.

My notes on colour and finish: I knew the second I pulled this polish out of the box, I was in for a treat. I would say this is more a blue-purple-red shift but that is my interpretation of the colour. However you describe it, it's beautiful.

Formula/Application: Exactly what everyone would expect - flawless. I would recommend a thick coat of topcoat to smooth out those holo glitters.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $12.50

Additional Commentary: What is it about Australia that every indie that comes out of there are the epitome of professionalism and design?  Those ladies from Down Under are running first class companies.

Store / Facebook / Instagram / Fan Group

Fiendish Fancies

Polish Name: Feed Me, Seymour

Inspiration: Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away… Men may be from Mars, but Audrey II is from Venus.

Maker Description: a shimmery green with a dash of red and pink sparkle inspired by the mean green mother from outer space.

My notes on colour and finish: The base of this is a touch metallic-leaning. I wouldn't call it a metallic finish polish but it does have a slight quality that gives it that glowy look. The red sparkle leans towards bronze to my eye.

Formula/Application: Best formula I have ever used from Fiendish Fancies, and I have blogged for Lara since close to the start.  Beautiful, smooth application and it was literally dry to the touch before I did the next coat (I didn't need to wait in between at all).

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: 75

Price: $11.00

Additional Commentary: I really hope that people give Fiendish Fancies a chance because I consider Lara's brand one of the more underrated ones out there. Really decent price, great formula, and unique colours and finishes. Her commitment to her niche branding is second to none.

Forty Winks Jewelry

Product Name: The Fifth Moon Crescent

Inspiration: the fictional moon Pandora, of Avatar.

Maker Description: Crescent moon pendant approximately 1.5 inches. Comes on a black silk cord, 18" with 2 inch extender. Clasp and extension silver toned. Shown on models of various sizes. Marbled with 5 indie polishes and one salon brand. No two will be alike.

My notes on colour and finish: I am enthralled with how the design perfectly matched the inspiration picture.  The colours, the swirls, the iridescent glitters. I am swooning

Capped/Limit: 45 silver; 30 bronze

Price: $10

Additional Commentary: At $10 each, this is a steal of a deal.  I expect these to sell out quickly. I got SO many compliments on it the day I wore mine to work.

Girly Bits

Polish Name: Felt With the Heart

Inspiration: The Little Prince

Maker Description: A sparkling turquoise foil-ish finish with an abundance of holographic pigments, gold flakes, blue flakes, and green-blue-gold shifting flakes.

My notes on colour and finish: Probably one of the most reflective polishes I have ever worn. Every element in this polish reflected the light. I felt like I was wearing snow.

Formula/Application: Girly Bits is an OG indie nail polish brand.  They all have amazing formula.  Same here.

Coats: Two

Capped/Limit: Capped at 250

Price: $13

Additional Commentary: Go add this to your wishlist. Now. Run, don't walk.  I'll wait.

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Great Lakes Lacquer

Polish Name: Going, Going, Already Gone

Maker Description: Seafoam green with aurora pigment and pink/green/gold iridescent flake.

My notes on colour and finish: Mariah just knows exactly what to add to make a flake-based polish look sophisticated. This one is an understated beauty that is completely work appropriate but still makes a statement. 
Formula/Application: Another maker whose effort in her formula is evident with every polish.  Creamy and smooth application.  I would add an extra layer of topcoat because weirdly this one wanted the first coat to smooth out the flakes, even though they lay flat.
Coats: Three

Capped/Limit: No Cap

Price: $12.50

Additional Commentary: Such a unique spin for this theme. Who would have expected a seafoam green in the 'Universe' theme?  Again, though, it just works.

Store / Facebook / Instagram / Fan Group

Green Goddess Creations

Product Name: Rocket, Baby! Water Slide Decals

Maker Description: Love nail art, but don't have the skills to capture art in miniature form?  No worries!  With these water slide nail decals you can share it all day long!  Similar to a temporary tattoo, these are a quick and simple way to add a galaxy of fun to your manicure!

My notes: I am terrible at any sort of nail art so I had a lot of anxiety about trying these decals.  I have stayed away from decals because I haven't ever been able to successfully use any. Not these, though.  While my own application isn't perfect, that is much more because of user error and lack of practice than it is a reflection of the product.  These are so cute and so much fun and for $4, you can't lose!

Limit/Capped: No cap.

Price: $4

Heather's Hues

Polish Name: The Moon and the Stars

Inspiration: Moon and star themed mood board photo

Maker Description: a blurple jelly filled with pink/green/gold iridescent shimmer, tons of holo (linear, flake, and glitters), blue-violet-aqua multichrome flakes, and iridescent blue-violet/pink flakes.

My notes on colour and finish: Purple, pink, teal, iridescent, flakes.....is there anything this polish doesn't have? Such a girly colour and I actually really love it (even though purples aren't my thing).

Formula/Application: A touch on the thicker side but that is to be expected because the suspension base would need to be able to keep all those details from sinking. No issues to apply, though. Easy peasy.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: No cap

Price: $13.00

Additional Commentary: I always smile to myself every time I put on a Heather's Hues polish.  This was the brand that was my very first glitter crelly polish and I had zero idea how to apply it without it being a mess. Heather walked me through application and I haven't looked back since.

Also available from Heather's Hues, 1000 Wishes Upon Stars Cutie-cle Balm.  A blend of sparkling champagne, twinkling star fruit, and peonies, complimented by notes of amber, almond crème, and sugared sandalwood (a dupe for BBW "A Thousand Wishes" scent). PLEASE NOTE: I WAS SENT A MINI SAMPLE. THIS IS SMALLER THAN YOU WILL RECEIVE.

Limit/Capped: 200 jars
Price: $6

Store / Facebook / Instagram / Fan Group

Illyrian Polish

Polish Name: War Stars

Maker Description: Deep, dark raspberry/berry jelly base with scattered holo, dark pink holo glitters and blue/purple/red/orange ucc flakes.

My notes on colour and finish: A blingy microglitter polish.  I love these finishes and wish there were more of them around. They are my favourite finish for statement polishes.

Formula/Application: It's a jelly base, so I let it dry between coats.  It did have a slight texture to it when dry but smoothed out with a quick dry top coat.

Coats: Three.

Capped/Limit: No cap.


Additional Commentary: Illyrian is a new to me brand that has me coming back again and again.  It's stocked by Harlow & Co. which makes it easy to get in Canada. 

Store / Facebook / Instagram / Fan Group

It Girl Nail Art

Product Name: LE102 Stamping Plate

Maker Description: 6x4 cm mini plate exclusive to the Polish Pickup! Packed full with planets, comets, rockets, and a cute little astronaut, PLUS all the planetary and zodiac symbols

My notes: I am the farthest thing from a nail stamper. Oh, I own a ton of plates, stamping polishes, and all the stuff but have never been able to successfully stamp. The fact that I could 1) get the images to pick up onto my stamper, and 2) actually get a stamp on my nail tells you everything you need to know about this plate.

Capped/Limit: 90 available

Price: $5 

Additional Commentary: If you purchase this plate, you will receive a code for a free plate with your next order of $40 or more. I was sent one so I will include a photo of this one as well. Guys?! This is an amazing, AMAZING steal of a deal and brilliant on the maker's part.  I like smart.

Jior Couture

Polish Name: Gamora Doesn't Dance

Maker Description: pink/purple/green/gold holo multichrome with multichrome shifting flakes.

My notes on colour and finish: If someone asked me to describe the predominant colour of this polish, I wouldn't be able to answer definitively. To me, I might have said bronze.  My husband argued me black and white that it was green. 

Formula/Application: But-ter-y.  Smooth and perfect. Seriously. 

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $12.50

Additional Commentary: Y'all....JIOR HAS ARRIVED!  I have been keeping my eye on this brand since she first showed up in PPU and every month, Sacha has slayed it again and again.  I wondered if the shifty cosmic doughnut-inspired polish from February would be the crowning glory, but NOPE.  Jior is here to let us know she's a brand to be watched!

Store / Facebook / Instagram / Fan Group

Jreine Cosmetics

Polish Name: The Galaxy Rocks

Inspiration: The galaxy

Maker Description: Duo holo base with two multichrome pigments that shift between green, blue, pink, purple, red and aqua. Pink and blue microflakies along with flecks of pink, violet, turquoise and copper.

My notes on colour and finish: Remember those Color Club holos?  This reminds me kind of like one of those except prettier.  It is Eternal Beauty-ish but more greyed out and shifts from pink to a blue flame. For such a delicate polish, it's pretty badass.

Formula/Application: Honestly, perfect. I couldn't find anything to complain about if I tried.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: 240 bottles

Price: $12.50

Additional Commentary: This is JReine Cosmetic's first month in PPU and this is the way to introduce yourself.  I love a good, easily applied holo and this perfectly fits the bill.

Store / Facebook


Polish Name: Hubble'd Together

Maker Description: a teal leaning mint base. This jelly base is loaded with holographic micro flakes for shimmer and shine. Unicorn flakes echo the pastel shades of this colourful photo, while glow powder gives this polish a green cast in the dark. Best in 2-3 coats or 1-2 over a complimentary base. Layer 1 coat over black for a unique flake filled look.

My notes on colour and finish: This polish reminded me of a pond mani just on its own.  The iridescent flakes are so perfect for the inspiration.  I'm terrible at photographing glow in the dark, but it's so bright and perfect for space!

Formula/Application: I allowed each coat to dry slightly before the next since it's a jelly base. The GitD pigment makes it dry matte so a shiny topcoat helps it pop.

Coats: Three.

Capped/Limit: No cap

Price: $10.00

Additional Commentary: I am so impressed with KBShimmer's rebranding. The bottle's logo is modern and the box's logo is holographic.  Just a very classy look.

Store / Facebook / Instagram / Fan Group

Kraken Kraftwerks

Product Name: Beyond Tentacle Necklace 

Maker Description: Made from Durable and Lightweight Polymer Clay this tentacle has been handcrafted with Iridescent Flakes as the finishing touch to make it truly out of this world! Since each Tentacle is handmade there will be very slight variations, but the size, clay colors and general shape will be the same. Each piece is also easily removed from the jump ring and can be used as a collectible or desk decoration etc.

Limit/Capped: 25 available

Price: $20

Additional Commentary: What a fun statement piece!  I love anything Kraken themed and the addition of the iridescent flakes is just perfect. You can tell how much time and effort went into making these (each little circle must have been crafted separately) and it's worth the price.

Store / Facebook 

le polish

Polish Name: Starman

Maker Description: A blue gray crelly with various colour shifting flakies and a red to orange duochrome shimmer.

My notes on colour and finish: I absolutely love everything about this.  My skin tone brought out the grey more than the blue, but you can feel the blue just kind of as an undertone.  I have been searching for the perfect grey paint for my living room and I wish the base coat of this came in gallons.

Formula/Application: Beauty formula.  Went on easily in a couple coats.  It dry slightly textured from the flakes but a coat of topcoat helped that.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: 150 bottles

Price: $10.50

Additional Commentary: I love anything with bumblebees (Fun fact: Melissa is greek for 'honeybee') so I adore the logo of this brand.  It's cute without being cutesy, if that makes sense.

Store / Facebook / Instagram / Fan Group

LevelUp Lacquer

Polish Name: Lazarus

Inspiration:  Mass Effect video game

Maker Description: dark teal with gold, orange, and red UCC flakes, matte red micro glitters, and a blue/aqua shimmer

My notes on colour and finish: Everything about this polish is a yes for me.  The base is a deep teal but it's the blue shimmer that contrasts against the flakes that really has won my heart. 

Formula/Application: For the amount of flakes and glitter, I was expecting it to be a thicker polish but I was wrong.  Amazing formula.

Coats: Two

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $10.50

Additional Commentary: This brand is from Alaska so I already feel an affinity for the maker because there aren't a ton of us from way north around the indie polish community. This is another brand I have added to my 'To Watch' list. I foresee big things if this polish is any indication.

Lilly Anne's Garden

Product Name: Rainbow Galaxy Lotion

Maker Description: a fresh lime, pineapple, orange, and raspberry, with creamy base notes of vanilla scent.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $5.50

Additional Commentary: Rich and creamy and smells like summer. It absorbs quickly and I appreciate it now being in a tub as the squeeze bottles were difficult to get product out of. It says so much when a maker listens to her customers' feedback.  

Store / Facebook / Instagram / Fan Group

Lollipop Posse Lacquer

Polish Name: A Star Burned Out

Inspiration: The Foo Fighter's music video for the song "The Sky is a Neighborhood".

Maker Description: a dusky navy crelly that is filled with strong red shimmer, red to green shifting Aurora pigment, various sizes and finishes of gold flake, and gold holographic galaxy glitters.

My notes on colour and finish: Remember when pond manis were all the rage?  This polish is like a pond mani in a bottle.  The flakes and glitter are suspended so perfectly under the surface of the polish that it reminded me of leaves floating in water.  The green to red shimmer shift is really strong which makes the polish look completely different depending on lighting.

Formula/Application: Another brand with an awesome jelly formula.  It went on easily and without dragging. It does dry textured so I recommend doubling up on a thicker top coat (I use Gelous for polishes like this) to smooth it out.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: 200 bottles

Price: $12.00

Additional Commentary: I always identify with the inspirations of LPL's polishes.  I feel like the maker and I have similar tastes in movies, books, and music. I was so happy to see a Foo Fighter's inspired polish and this one is a perfect interpretation of the inspiration photo.

LynB Designs

Polish Name: Simply Crabulous

Maker Description: a deep purple crelly base and added red to gold to green to violet shifting flakies and the smallest of holographic shimmers.

My notes on colour and finish: I love the shade of purple and the colour of the flakes.  It's unique and it all works together to make a polish that is fun and fabulous.  Or 'crabulous', I suppose!

Formula/Application: I had difficulty with the formula.  The base is thicker than I like (Like I said before, I have a preference for thinner formulas) and some of the flakes had clumped together, which caused the polish to drag a little.  I threw in a few drops of thinner and it made it more manageable for me. If you like a thicker formula, this might work perfectly for you. If you're like me, thinner is a staple on my mani station.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: No cap.


Additional Commentary: I really enjoy the maker's interpretation of her inspiration photo.  I would have seen that photo and did an orange with purple and green details, so it is so cool to see what people come up with. 

Also available from LynB Designs is an Aromatherapy Inhaler called Universal Calmness. As described by the maker "The universe can be so calming and I used that to inspire my first non polish item for PPU. I love diffusing essential oils and wish I could bring one wherever I go. Sadly, that’s impractical, so I found personal diffusers or inhalers, if you will. I blended some of my favorite citrus oils (lime, orange, lemon, and grapefruit) to make an aroma that’s both calming and uplifting. I like to keep one in my handbag or pocket at all times."

I love citrus scents so I enjoyed the smell of this product. I haven't ever used essential oils for these purposes, so this will be a great introduction to them for me.

Limit: No cap.
Price: $5.50

Mace Polish 

Polish Name: Mojave Trails

Maker Description: a reddy purple with copper sparks, indigo shimmer and micro holo flakies

My notes on colour and finish: At first look, I thought this was a simple purple holo.  Once on the nail though, the indigo shimmer and holo flakes really stole the show.  Understated but really beautiful.

Formula/Application: A jelly-like consistency but with great coverage.  It did dry slightly matte, so a shiny topcoat allowed the holo flakes to really shimmer.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $12

Additional Commentary: I cannot tell you how much I love this brand's logo.  It's so simple but so memorable.  

MTK Design

Polish Name: There's Coffee in that Nebula!

Inspiration: Inspired by one of the best space captains to boldly go….and she did it w/ coffee.

Maker Description: Coffee scented thermal with various warm tone glitters.  The sparkles consisting of rusty scatter holo glitter, copper shimmer, and shifting pink/copper/gold chameleon micro glitter enhance the bronze-y caramel coffee warm stage, but really pops when the polish cools to a dark navy.

My notes on colour and finish: Have I mentioned that I love thermal nail polishes?  No? Let me tell you all again.  I LOVE THERMALS. It can be difficult to come up with unique thermals given that there are just so many pigments available but the added shimmer in this one makes it not only unique, but also GORGEOUS!

Formula/Application: Since it goes on dark, it is easy to see where the polish has been applied.  Levels itself easily. Dries to a slight matte-ish finish, so the topcoat makes that shimmer sing.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: 100 bottles

Price: $11.50

Additional Commentary: The shimmer isn't the pigment known as Unicorn Pee or even the Aurora dupe, but you would never know.  The red to green to gold shimmer is so pretty. There is a coffee scent added and I was worried about being overpowered but it is subtle.

Store / Facebook / Instagram

My Indie Polish

Polish Name: Space Invaders

Maker Description: A neon green crelly with black glitter and black shards.

My notes on colour and finish: Space Invaders is brighter in person even than the photos can capture. A true neon.

Formula/Application: Easy, smooth, and no fishing for glitter (which I hate having to do).

Coats: Two.  Most could do one with a heavier hand.

Capped/Limit: Capped at 300


Additional Commentary: I like that MIP went outside of the box.  In a sea of star photos, this one stands out for sure.

Also available from My Indie Polish is their matte topcoat called My Perfect Matte.  I love a matte topcoat that leaves absolutely no shine.  I have found most these days tend to be waxy or satin-y, and when I want matte, I want it to be flat.  This is perfect for that.

Limit/Capped: No cap.
Price: $9.75

My Stunning Nails

Polish Name: Endlessness

Maker Description: A dark grey sparkly polish with pinches of gold reflects glitter, good flakies and turquoise holographic glitter.

My notes on colour and finish: This polish is pretty in its details. The turquoise glitter really stands out in the grey base and the holo sparkle is just right.

Formula/Application: It took a little effort to get this polish to work for me. It's thicker than my preference and because my nails have a very strong c-curve, the thicker the polish, the more spaces I tend to miss. Going back over it causes dragging (for me). What worked for me was a couple drops of a thinner and that helped me get to the consistency that I personally prefer.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: Unknown

Price: $11.50

Additional Commentary: One thing I really like about PPU is that smaller brands get equally as highlighted as the bigger names.  I hadn't heard of My Stunning Nails before this polish group existed and now it's a brand that I know.  It's fun watching as these brands get a crack at such a large audience. Also of note, this polish originally had a different name that was changed. Hence the blurring out of the label.

Store / Facebook / Instagram

Whew!!!  You guys, this has been so much work but so much fun!  We're 2/3 of the way there!  Stay tuned for the last instalment on Monday!


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm seriously exhausted reading these posts, I CAN'T IMAGINE being the one to swatch all these polishes!! I SO appreciate the detail you put into your descriptions (application, finish, etc), I'm your newest fan! :)

    1. Thank you! It has been SO SO SO much work but I have really enjoyed it. I like to read more details than less so I try to offer my readers the same.

  2. Awesome review of all the products. Thank you for trying the decals even though you were apprehensive! ❤

  3. You did an awesome job with these polishes, beautiful swatches. On a sad note: this will be the last release from Celestial so that polish will be a must-buy for me.

    1. I agree with you! Hokulani is one of my most loved polishes!

  4. Did you not get Lucky 13 Lacquer to swatch?