Polish Pick Up - April 2018 - Brands A-E

Get in, buckle up, and hold on because I have the first of three posts to end all posts.  Today, I have the Polish Pickup offerings for the anniversary month of April. All polishes are based on the theme 'Space & Galaxies', which was voted on my the member of the group.

So, in case you're new to Polish Pickup (or if you just want an overview), here's the rundown.  The brilliant minds behind Fair Maiden Polish, Adrienne and Sarah, listened when the indie community overwhelmingly asked for a 'collaboration box'-style release but with polishes that could be picked by the customer based on tastes, price, wants, and needs, but that could still all be shipped together for one shipping price. They put their heads together and came up with the concept that is now Polish Pickup. Each month in the Facebook group, Polish Pickup Pack, customers and makers alike suggest themes for the upcoming months, and then vote on the theme they are most excited by. Then the indie brand owners get to work.  On the first Friday of each month through until midnight that following Monday, the store opens up for a pre-order style release.  A few weeks later, once all the polish has been made and shipped to PPU headquarters, orders start being compiled and sent.  It's just like magic for us customers, really.

Okay, so now you know the why.  Let's get into the what for April.  

6 Harts

Polish Name: Heart of the Milky Way

Maker Description: a dusty pink with shimmer, copper and gold sparks and silver holo

My notes on colour and finish: This is going to look completely different on people dependent on skin tone. On me, its the perfect pretty neutral.

Formula/Application: Creamy, almost one coater.  The nude with the gold flakes just killed me.  So, so, so pretty. I plan to wear this to my sister's wedding in April.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $10.00

Additional Commentary: I really love the branding for this indie.  Simple, classy, and modern. The bottle feels like great quality.

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77 Nail Lacquer

Polish Name: A Star is Born

Inspiration: The Lagoon Nebula

Maker Description: an inky indigo blue with red sparks, purple/red/orange/pink shimmer and blue/green shifty iridescent glitters.

My notes on colour and finish: This is a bit more grape toned in person than the camera could see.

Formula/Application: It is filled with shimmer and glitters so it was a bit on the thicker side.  Definitely workable, but I did need to take some care in application.

Coats: Two

Capped/Limit: 150 bottles

Price: $11.50

Additional Commentary: I really feel like Connie nailed matching her inspiration photo and this polish.  It looked exactly like the picture!

Alter Ego 

Polish Name: Altarf AKA Beta Cancri

Maker Description: buttery, yellow-leaning orange with pink shimmer and metallic red flakes.

My notes on colour and finish: This is a blinding polish!  It's definitely a polish that can be classified as a neon.

Formula/Application: Huge fan of the brush. It has a short handle and a wide base, which I find makes application easier.

Coats: Two. Almost a one coater. Actually, if it weren't for photography, I think one coat would have been opaque for day to day wear.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $7.50

Additional Commentary: What I love about PPU is that I have been able to try brands I would have probably overlooked before. Alter Ego is one of those brands. This polish isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea but that is okay. I love how Cynthia makes polishes she loves regardless of the 'fads'.  This polish did have a strong smell.  I'm not sure if it is the base or the neon pigment, but it was noticeable enough I thought I should mention it.  Now, for me, it isn't a deal breaker but others may be more sensitive.

Anonymous Lacquer

Polish Name: Lights of Our Galaxy

Maker Description: Turquoise blue, with gold flash, Ultra Holo

My notes on colour and finish: A simple but beautiful polish.  There's something to be said for understated and this beauty is just that. 

Formula/Application: Smooth and creamy. Applied like butter.

Coats: Two.  One could have done if not being photographed under bright lights.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $12.50

Additional Commentary: Anonymous Lacquer is a brand I have a handful of and really like the ones I have. Creamy linear holos are definitely a staple and a trademark.

B Polished

Polish Name: Astrum

Maker Description: a blackened sapphire holo with a subtle blue/purple/gold multichrome shift and it is loaded with holo, silver, copper, and colour shifting flakes, along with white, red and blue glass flecks.

My notes on colour and finish: While the description says a blackened sapphire, I would call this a navy base. It reminded me of an indie-ed, better formula-ed 'Starry Starry Night'

Formula/Application: This brand has wowed me consistently with formula and customer service. The formula on this is beautiful. No issues.

Coats: Two, though one might have done.

Capped/Limit: 200 bottles

Price: $12

Additional Commentary: B Polished is such an underrated brand.  She's been around for a couple years and I am so glad to see Francine get some recognition.

Also available from B Polished will be Make it Dry Quick Setting Drops. Make it Dry drops will be in a fizzy, sweet lemon-lime scent. Available April 6th thru April 9th!
Price $5
Cap 100

Store / Facebook / Instagram / Fan Group

Baby Girl Lacquer

Polish Name: Io

Inspiration: Io, a moon of Jupiter

Maker Description: A bright pastel yellow crelly, filled with 5 types of flakies and 3 glitter types to replicate the markings on this moon.

My notes on colour and finish: It's a yellow so this polish is going to be a hit with some and others will pass simply based on its colour. I am very pink, so the yellow brought out the lobster hands look in my skin.  I expect this would be gorgeous on darker skin tones.

Formula/Application: I had to let each coat dry almost completely before adding the next. I find with crellies, if you don't, you get that 'too thick' look.  The coats were a bit sheer but I did get opacity.

Coats: Three.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $11

Additional Commentary: I really appreciate a maker willing to shake off conventions and do something outside of the box.  Crellies seem to be making a bit of a comeback so this polish is timely.

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Baroness X

Product Name:
Acetone Antidote

Maker Description: a blend of vanilla with hints of black cherry and leather, add this to acetone to help prevent drying and damage.

My notes: I don't know how I lived so long with these additives for acetone.  Baroness X has taken inspiration from the 'Spaceman' in a Tesla. You can see in the photo above the difference between the nails with 100% acetone and the ones with the acetone cut with the Antidote.

Capped/Limit: 190 bottles

Price: $4.95

Additional Commentary: 
This scent is lovely. It's unisex and it reminds me so much of my dad's leather jacket he wore when I was a kid.

Bee's Knees Lacquer

Polish Name: Bubbling Candle

Inspiration: Stardust

Maker Description: black based jelly polish with opalescent shimmer and iridescent flakes that shift from gold to orange to purple to blue

My notes on colour and finish: This polish was hard to photograph because the flakes and shimmer reflected the light so much. I would describe this as a chameleon - it's brown, it's bronze, it's green.

Formula/Application: It's a jelly base so I find it works best to allow each coat to dry a little before the next coat.

Coats: Three

Capped/Limit: 200

Price: $12.00

Additional Commentary: This is a personal preference and not a reflection of the polish, but I did find the brush challenging to use. My hands are small and I like to have control so the long brush made that difficult for me.

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Bliss Polish

Polish Name: Fade Into Stars

Maker Description: teal when warm and transitions to purple when cold. It has a shifting micro flake that looks blue and silver as the light catches it.

My notes on colour and finish: THERMAL!! I am a huge thermal lover. This shift is probably the most popular of all the thermal pigments and it's easy to see why. It's so noticeable and fun.

Formula/Application: I love Bliss Polish's formula.  It did take the polish to be completely dry before I saw the thermal shift, but once it was dried, it changed throughout the day.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: 150 bottles

Price: $11.50

Additional Commentary: I love when brands that aren't known for thermals start dabbling in thermal pigments!  I am excited to see if others follow.

Also available from Bliss Polish is an Intergalactic wax melt.  This exclusive home fragrance wax melt is a blend A complex tincture of currant, white tea, and enchanting floral overtones. This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including cedarwood oil, and vetiver oil.

I am not quite a 'waxie', but I do love me some wax melts and I **LOVED** this one.  It's sweet without being bakery or too fruity. My husband prefers waxes that are more on the masculine side and I am into the super fruity or bakery and this was a scent we could both agree on easily.

Limit/Capped: 75 available
Price: $4.50

Store / Facebook

Cameo Colours

Polish Name: Bubble Nebula

Inspiration: The Bubble Nebula

Maker Description:Deep oxblood jelly full of red shimmer, scattered holo, multi-sized silver flakes, and multi-sized red and silver holo glitter.

My notes on colour and finish: I am so impressed by this polish. The longer I am around the indie world, the more I notice brands that seem to fly under the radar. Cameo Colours is one of those brands.

Formula/Application: Beautiful formula.  I even said "Oh wow" out loud as I started polishing.

Coats: Two

Capped/Limit: No cap


Additional Commentary: Like I said, this is a brand that deserves a closer look.

Store / Facebook / Instagram / Fan Group

Celestial Cosmetics

Polish Name: Spaced Out

Maker Description: A dark blue based jelly with a copper shimmer, colour shifting micro glitter and bronze micro flakes.

My notes on colour and finish: This polish refused.....REFUSED....to be as gorgeous in photos as it is in person.  The shimmer and flakes made it super reflective and it just freaked out my camera.

Formula/Application: I did have to be careful with my application of this polish.  The flakes are micro and plentiful so I did have some dragging with this polish. I recommend thin coats and letting them dry in between. It's worth the effort, though.

Coats: Three

Capped/Limit: 175 bottles

Price: $11.00

Additional Commentary: I am so happy to see Celestial Polish in PPU. Fitting that the space themed month is the one that is the introduction.

StoreFan Group

Chirality Polish 

Polish Name: Galactic Core

Maker Description: Red/purple/blue multichrome with gold and purple microflakes and subtle holo.

My notes on colour and finish: I am loving the shifty shimmer here. It's a blackened base and the colour comes from the shimmer in that base. It's super shifty and I could get the teal and gold shift at extreme angles.

Formula/Application: Smooth, easy, and build opacity. First coat is a bit patchy but builds nicely.

Coats: Three.

Capped/Limit: No cap.


Additional Commentary: I only have a few Chirality polishes but I have never used one I don't really like.  It's a brand I need to pay more attention to.

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Color Infinity Nail Polish

Polish Name: Bare Your Sol

Inspiration: The Sun

Maker Description: A bright orange linear holo with red undertones and yellow-gold shimmer.

My notes on colour and finish: ORANGE!! Orange WITH a strong holo flair! Unnnnf!

Formula/Application: Smooth, thicker, creamy polish.

Coats: Two, but could have been one.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $8.50

Additional Commentary: This is my first experience with this brand and it's enough that I will check out others. Great introduction to a new brand.

Store / Facebook / Instagram / Fan Group

Colors by Llarowe

Polish Name: Space, The Final Frontier

Inspiration: Star Trek

Maker Description: A true chameleon.  Depending upon the lighting this polish can look pink, purple, red, magenta and blue with a strong purple to blue shimmer and hints of gold.  Added Aurora pigment and prismatic holo flake give it an added sparkle and dimension.

My notes on colour and finish: I would describe this as a fuchsia with a gorgeous blue flash that gives it some chrome qualities. The flakes really do look like stars.

Formula/Application: I've never met a CbL formula that I didn't like and this was no exception.  Quality product.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $11.00

Additional Commentary: These saturated colours really are a trademark of Colors by Llarowe. This is one of those polish that in person just grabs attention.

Contrary Polish

Polish Name: Cocoon Galaxy

Inspiration: The Cocoon Galaxy

Maker Description: Muted periwinkle magnetic polish with pink shimmer, holo microflakes, and antique gold magnetic shimmer.

My notes on colour and finish: This polish leaned very grey on my skin tone. It is my first experience with a magnetic polish and I am hooked!  Subtle and beautiful. No one does shimmer like Contrary so it's no shocker to me that I love this so much.

Formula/Application: *Audible sigh* Just perfect.

Coats: Three.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $13.00

Additional Commentary: Will come with the magnet. As said by Carrie, the brand owner, "This isn’t one of those magnetic polishes where you will get a strong pattern to show up on your nail; the magnetic effect presents as diffused antique gold shimmer floating on top of the rest of the polish and appearing to move across the nail in the light."

Also available, Solar Flare Tinted Lip Balm. It is an orange-red tinted balm with a slight sweet lemon flavour inspired by the above photo of the sun. I wasn't sure when I read that it was orange-based that it was going to work for me. However, I am happily proven wrong! I love it and feel like it's universally flattering.  Makes me really regret not getting the first one offered a few months ago.

Price: $6

Store / Facebook / Instagram / Fan Group

Creative Cuticles Nail Polish

Polish Name: Speckled Heart Nebula

Maker Description:Red holo with purple shimmer and blue/purple colour shifting glitter.

My notes on colour and finish: A true cherry red with a gorgeous red sparkle.  I love the little glitters - they remind me of strawberry seeds.

Formula/Application: Jelly polish.  CCNP is the brands that I feel has the best jelly formula. I love them.

Coats: Two

Capped/Limit: 80


Additional Commentary: I always expect jelly polishes to take a million coats to cover my nail line. Creative Cuticles Nail Polish always covers me in two coats.  

StoreInstagram / Fan Group

CrowsToes Nail Colour

Polish Name: Well, Isn't That Just Fu@#ing Marble-ous

Inspiration: Men in Black

Maker Description: A grayish-navy base filled with assorted flakes and micro glitters found within the colours of the Arquillian galaxy marble on Orion’s Collar.

My notes on colour and finish: The base leaned very black on me.  The purple and teal glitter really twinkled in real life.

Formula/Application: I expected it to be thick and chunky because of the glitters but I was wrong.  It actually was surprisingly easy to apply.

Coats: Two

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $12.00

Additional Commentary: Funny story. CrowsToes includes a rubber band wrapped around the cap to help with opening.  It is a brand that is known for its tightly sealed caps.  Upon trying it, it wouldn't budge. I asked my husband for help and he couldn't get it either. He even used his teeth, not knowing this was a polish I was blogging.  In the end, pliers, a towel, and his elbow grease got it open.  I have included the photo of his efforts as a fun homage to Lauri's epic strength. No air will get at these babies!

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Cuter Cuticles

Product Name: Barrier Butter Moon Pie!

Inspiration: Moon Pies

Maker Description: The traditional snack eaten to commemorate the Apollo 11 moon walk is a whole lotta marshmallow and graham cracker, smooshed between two cakes and coated in chocolate...and that's exactly what this barrier butter smells like!

Capped/Limit: 200 jars


Additional Commentary:Barrier Butter is one of my Holy Grail products for getting through the harsh climate that I live in. It's cold and dry here, so I use Barrier Butter not just on my hands, but on my feet, elbows, and knees as well.  I apply it at night and wake up to nourished skin in the morning. A yummy chocolate and marshmallow based scent. Fun fact - In Canada, we call these treats 'Wagon Wheels'. I had to google exactly what a Moon Pie was, although I had seen references in movies.

Product Name: Phone Home Cuticle Oil

Inspiration: ET's love of Reese's Pieces

Maker Description: Smells like that famous candy with two great tastes that taste great together - but also helped unite a courageous boy and a homesick alien.  Creamy peanut butter, sinful chocolate and enough sweetness to appease your sweet tooth.

Capped/Limit: No cap.


Additional Commentary: Quick absorbing and great pocket size oil.  I keep this one in my coat pocket for use when out and about. The smaller size makes it easy to oil the underside of the nail, which can be forgotten with the larger rollers.  Scent is light and reminiscent of peanut butter.

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Polish Name: Silk Base Coat

Maker Description: Effervescent is a complex, yet yummy scent with blue raspberry jolly rancher, spoonfuls of rainbow sherbet, splashes of a delightful fruity medley, and topped with effervescent fizzy bubbles that tickle the senses. If you love fizzy soda scents, this one is right up your alley.

My notes: This is going to be my new go-to base coat. It's weird, but my nails felt more hydrated and strong. One of my students kept touching my nails when I went to work with just the base on because they looked 'fake and shiny'.

Formula/Application: Creamy and smooth.

Coats: One

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $8.50

Polish Name: Timeless Top Coat

Maker Description:

My notes on colour and finish: Effervescent is a complex, yet yummy scent with blue raspberry jolly rancher, spoonfuls of rainbow sherbet, splashes of a delightful fruity medley, and topped with effervescent fizzy bubbles that tickle the senses. If you love fizzy soda scents, this one is right up your alley.

Formula/Application: Super shiny, which is exactly how I like my topcoats.  I couldn't stop smelling the scent. I was sure there was an open can of lime soda around me!

Coats: One

Capped/Limit: No cap

Price: $8.50

Additional Commentary: The topcoat and base are 5-free, however the addition of the scent has the maker referring it to 4-free.  Honestly, 5-free topcoats are a bit hit and miss with my body chemistry because the added chemicals usually help my nails. That being said, this brand has become one of the most raved about brands for these products so I would listen to the hoards more than someone who knows that 5-free don't always work for me.

Store / Facebook / Fan Group

Darling Diva

Polish Name: Canes Venatici

Maker Description: 
blue violet shift with orange yellow shifting flakes holo flakes and a soft linear holo.

My notes on colour and finish: Polish perfection. Periwinkle purple with pink to blue shifting shimmer with flakes and holo?  I literally died a little from happiness.

Formula/Application: Again, amazing. Smooth and shimmery. Dried slightly satinish, so a top coat brought out that shimmer.

Coats: Two

Capped/Limit: No cap.


Additional Commentary: We haven't heard a lot from Darling Diva as of late and THIS is the polish to remind people about her. With the over saturation of the market, a hiatus can cause people to move on.  This polish will remind people that Darling Diva isn't something to be forgotten.

Delush Polish

Polish Name: Jupiter Recognize

Inspiration: the breathtaking images of the whirlpool galaxy

Maker Description: A galactic inspired purple base infused with an inner colour shifting pink glow and accented with a dusting of silver, red holo flakies and micro glitters, that’s sure make heads turn and recognize!

My notes on colour and finish: This is one of those 'is it pink or is it purple?' polishes.  On me, it leans very lavender with a stunning pink shift.

Formula/Application: I have never met a Delush I didn't like.  This was the same.  Fantastic formula.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $11.95

Additional Commentary: Everything about this brand feels higher end. At $11.95, it is an amazing deal.

Store / Facebook / Instagram / Fan Group

Dollish Polish

Polish Name: Drop It Like It's Hoth

Inspiration: Planet Hoth from Star Wars

Maker Description: An icy cool arctic aqua blue with intense blue/turquoise shimmer, and loaded with lapis, emerald, and turquoise micro flakes and shreds.

My notes on colour and finish: I love the icy blue feel and the bright shimmer! The flakes just take it to the next level. One of my favourites of the month.

Formula/Application: Crelly, so I needed three coats to cover my nail line. I let each coat dry slightly to prevent dragging.

Coats: Three.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $12.50

Additional Commentary: Uh, BEST NAME EVER! I live in the Arctic region of Canada and my husband and I often joke that we live on Planet Hoth. We're also huge Star Wars fans. I was so excited by this polish, I brought it out to show it off to him twice.

Dreamland Lacquer

Polish Name: Eep Opp Ork Ah Ah

Inspiration: The Jetsons

Maker Description: Blurple jelly base with holo glitter and blue/purple shifty shimmer

My notes on colour and finish: I am not usually one for blurple polishes but this one is really pretty. Microglitters as a finish are so underrated and I have long loved them as a polish.  I'm really glad to see this polish.

Formula/Application: Easily applied and good coverage.  Dries down to a very slight texture but one coat of a top coat smoothed out any grit.  I did need to take care with removal (used the tin foil method).

Coats: Two.  Almost a one coater but not quite.

Capped/Limit: 200 bottles

Price: $12.00

Additional Commentary: I have been a fan of ever Dreamland Lacquer polish that I have tried over the years. This one is a must have for blue lovers.

Store / FacebookFan Group

Dream Polish 

Product Name: Gem Glow Cuticle Balm in Dark Matter

Maker Description: Made with Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Mango Butter, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Hemp Oil, Avocado Oil, & Vitamin E Oil. It is also vegan (no beeswax) and cruelty free! Comes in a convenient 4mL tube.

My notes: This will be my new swatcher balm.  The tube makes it easily applied and there isn't a greasy look, which I hate in photos.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $3.95

Additional Commentary: Scented with Black Licorice. I love the scent so it's a winner in my books!


Polish Name: Drops of Jupiter

Inspiration: An image of Jupiter taken by the Juno Spacecraft

Maker Description: a translucent blue iridescent base with vivid blue shimmer and a mix of glitter in shades of blue, bronze, and copper.

My notes on colour and finish: The shimmer! Oh, the shimmer.  It makes the translucent base pretty much opaque!  And those copper glitter are gorgeous.  I really think copper is my favourite for details.

Formula/Application: I had to be careful with application.  It's so filled with glitter and shimmer and my nails are so curved that if I missed a spot and tried to fill it in, I got dragging from the previous coat. Attention to application helped with that.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $11.00

Additional Commentary: ellagee is another brand that isn't afraid to shake off convention and make a polish that is unique.  ellagee is one of those brands that when you see swatch photos, you just know it's her creation.  Drops of Jupiter is exactly that!

The Universe in a Bottle Keychain is made from a mini polish bottle with a shifty galaxy inspired polish. The polish is dried inside so no worries about spills! Attached with a silver toned ball chain and loop attachment to a standard key ring. I have one of these a from few years ago and it grabs attention where ever I go because it's such a unique type of keychain.

Price: $8 
Amount/Cap: 100 available

Emily de Molly

Polish Name: Created by Man

Inspiration: Battlestar Galactica

Maker Description: A steel blue ( warm ) to very dark grey, almost black ( cold ) thermal with blue to purple shifting shimmer, silver holographic micro glitters and orange iridescent flakes.

My notes on colour and finish: So thermals are totally my thing. I even run a Facebook group for thermals, called Holy Shift.  This one blew my mind!  Just look at those orange flakes in there!  Completely and utterly gobsmacked!

Formula/Application: The formula was everything that people have raved about! Easily applied, opaque almost in one coat, no dragging of the flakes.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: 250 bottles

Price: $10.00

Additional Commentary: I only have a few EdM polishes and I am embarrassed to say that they sit in my untried pile.  No more, though! My goal is to try them all as soon as I am finished this project!

Ever After

Polish Name: To Infinity and Beyond

Maker Description: a charcoal black creme with blue/green and burgundy shift holo and black galaxy holo glitters that glows aqua in the dark.

My notes on colour and finish: This polish leaned very olive on my skin tone and I LOVE IT!!! The olive and then the green shimmer make this completely unique to my collection.

Formula/Application: Fantastic formula.  I have always like EA polishes and I love how well the brush works for me. I expected it to be thicker because of the glow pigment, but it wasn't.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $11.50

Additional Commentary: Can I just lament how difficult it is to take GitD polish photos?!?! The glow is much stronger and prettier than my swatch shows.

Also available from Ever After is the much applauded Cuticle Crelly. Space Jam is scented like fried dough sweet sugar and a hint of vanilla stuffed full of strawberry jam just like a jelly donut! So, this is a new Holy Grail product for me.  I have been looking for a creamy product that isn't water-based (anything based with aqua makes my nails swell) and this is perfect!  Being able to get this from PPU with a sweet deal on shipping makes it that much better!
Limit/Capped: No cap.

Price: $6 includes a cuticle oil sample dropper in matching scent.

Store / Facebook / Instagram / Fan Group

Okay, so there you have it. All the polish sent to me from the A-E brands.  I am missing three polish from brands who DID send to me but haven't arrived yet (Anchor & Hearts, Blush Lacquer, and Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer). Once they have arrived I will update this post with their swatches as well.

Overwhelmed with the beauty?!?! Me too, friends, me too!


  1. I love that we got a selfie, you are so pretty!

    1. Ahhhhh....thank you! Believe me, I was nervous about adding it!

  2. Great post Melissa! I'm excited to see the next ones. I was wondering about the dry time of the Cuticula top coat. Is it a quick dryer?? I'm used to my super quick dry TC so I wanna get a ballpark dry time for this.

    1. It's quick-ish. I know I am the Blogger of the Month, but I might not be the best person to ask. I have historically had trouble with ANY brand of top coat that is 5-free. They just don't want to work with me. That being said, it didn't take an insanely long time to dry, no. I would say there was less than 5 minutes between the time I topcoated the 'space art' mani (that is a stretch....nail art and I are nemesises) until I photographed it and it was dry to the touch.

      There are other topcoats this month too so keep an eye out for their reviews as well.

    2. I love Cuticula’s top and base coats. They dry pretty fast and smell great! On the site for Polished for Days they have Cuticula unscented base and top coats and 3 scented top coats that are great depending on the smells you like. I’m definitely getting the base and top coat by Cuticula in the PPU this month, and the other scented top coat as well 😉

    3. Thank you, Lila! I never seem to have luck with 5-free toppers.

  3. You did a great job on swatches. I’m putting together my wishlist now!!!

    1. Thank you!

      Good luck with that. I am the blogger and I have a huge list! I don't know how anyone will get out of next weekend alive!

  4. I know what you mean! I already have 30 things on my wishlist 😳 I’m going to have to do a couple elimination rounds 😂Your swatches are amazing and they will definitely help for sure, thanks!💜