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Hi world!

I know it's been a while and a lot has happened in my tiny corner of the world since I last blogged.  I last mentioned that we were moving.  Well, it's done and we're now settled into our new home. Both my husband and I have new jobs so between that, setting up a new house, and all that comes along with picking up your life, things have been busy.  I have missed blogging, though, and am glad to finally have my equipment so I could get back to the things I enjoy in life.

Today, I have what might very well be my favourite collection released ever by Nail Hoot Nail Lacquer.  The Poetical Collection is a quintet of delicate, shifty holos that are perfect for any season.


Psalms is described as a "soft, delicate purple linear holo with an alluring gold shift". This is a polish that will look purple to some people and pink to others. On me, I felt like it was definitely more towards the pink (which I adore). I kind of reminded me of Enchanted Polish's I'm Kind of a Big Deal with regards to the base colour. But it had the added punch of the extra holo and gold shimmer.

The formula for this polish was spot on. Not too thick but also not too thin. I used two coats to get opacity and then added a quick dry top coat that helped the golden shimmer to really pop.  These polish are pretty holo - much more than I was able to capture with artificial light.


Job is described as a "soft, light green linear holo with a delightful red shift". I'll be honest here. When I pulled this polish out and read that it was considered a green, I thought Brandie was way off in the description. It looked yellow to me, plain and simple.  Nope. Wrong.  On the nail, it absolutely was green and the contrast of the red shimmer really makes this polish unique and fun. I was surprised by just how much I liked this colour on me, as I usually stay away from greens.  This one has to be seen to be appreciated.

Like Psalms, Job has a lovely formula.  Easily applied, two coats for opacity, and the perfect thickness.  


Proverbs is described as a "soft gentle brown linear holo with a pretty red shift".  This is another chameleon. The red shimmer works with the brown base and it gives off a slightly burnt orange colour. In other lights, it could have been considered bronze. I love a polish like this.  I actually liked this one enough that I wore it for an entire six days.

This is the polish of the collection that I put to the test for wear time.  It applied like the others and I quite enjoy the formula. I wore Proverbs for six days before removing it.  We had some unexpected guests come by for a few days, so I was busier than normal and didn't have a chance to change my polish every couple days like I do now. I put this polish to the test by spending four days in a pool (daily), having water balloon fights, going to a trampoline yard, playing laser tag, spending a day on a farm, and BBQing. After six days of wear in which I did little to no hand/nail care, this polish had held up. There were a couple small chips and some tip wear, but definitely was still presentable. I am impressed.


Ecclesiastes is described as a "soft, light blue linear holo with a gorgeous copper shift".  The shift of this polish in the light base really makes me love it.  The base colour is delicate and feminine and then that copper shimmer really gives it an antique-like look. This would be a beautiful polish to wear as a pedicure at a wedding for the 'something blue'. That is where my mind went with this polish.  Classy and understated.

Again, formula perfection.  Actually, while I am speaking of it, I have to say that Nail Hoot Nail Lacquer has to be the brand that I would give a vote for 'Most Improved Formula' over time. You can tell that Brandie has put a lot of effort into putting out a quality product and that in and of itself is enough to have me paying attention. The swatches show two coats and a top coat.

Song of Songs

Song of Songs is described as a "soft, berry toned linear holo with a graceful purple shift".  Okay, so the colour of the polish in the bottle and the colour of this polish on the nail are very different.  In the bottle, I figured it was going to be a red polish. On the nail, it leans much more of a pinkish red on me and I kinda love it. I found the purple shift harder to capture on this one but in person it is there. It's more subtle than the others but can be seen in certain lights.

I won't bore you by repeating myself with how great the formula is. Trust me. Great polish and application. This is two coats.

The Poetical Collection is available now at Nail Hoot Nail Lacquer. You can buy the whole collection for $43.49 (full size) or $29.99 (minis). They can also be purchased separately for $9.35 each.
Nail Hoot currently has some promotions running until the end of July.  This would be an awesome time to check them out if you haven't already. Check out the info that might save you some dollars after the photo!

Do you have any on this list? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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