About Me

Hi and welcome to My Lacquer Cabinet!

My name is Melissa and I am one half of the blogging duo here at My Lacquer Cabinet.  My blogging partner, Terra, is on a bit of a hiatus from blogging right now while she bakes a human so I will allow her to introduce herself when she is ready to return.

My Lacquer Cabinet originally began as a collaborative blogging project between ten Canadian women who met in a nail polish thread on a wedding planning board.  Random, right?  We came together via a shared love of polish and it evolved into the blog.  Over time (we started in June 2013), people's interests changed and we now remain as just Terra and myself.

I am an elementary school vice principal in Canada's northern Arctic region where I live with my husband and two cats.  I fell in love with nail polish when I wanted to receive mail up here besides bills.  I stumbled across Julep and the rest is history. I have an ever-increasing collection and my main focus is indie nail polish.  I also adore nail care and hand care items and that collection rivals my polish collection.

I like pink nail polish the best even though my favourite colour is yellow, a good glass of white wine while I read a book, and am addicted to series on Netflix.  Welcome to our little corner of the internet!