Polish Pickup - April 2018 - Brands N-Z

If you haven't seen my post for the polishes created by indie brands starting with A through E and the second featuring F through M, please take a minute to check those out first. Today, I am featuring the brands that start with N through to Z.

I have the next set of polishes that Polish Pickup is offering for the anniversary month of April. All polishes are based on the theme 'Space & Galaxies', which was voted on by the member of the group.

So, in case you're new to Polish Pickup (or if you just want an overview), here's the rundown.  The brilliant minds behind Fair Maiden Polish, Adrienne and Sarah, listened when the indie community overwhelmingly asked for a 'collaboration box'-style release but with polishes that could be picked by the customer based on tastes, price, wants, and needs, but that could still all be shipped together for one shipping price. They put their heads together and came up with the concept that is now Polish Pickup. Each month in the Facebook group, Polish Pickup Pack, customers and makers alike suggest themes for the upcoming months, and then vote on the theme they are most excited by. Then the indie brand owners get to work.  On the first Friday of each month through until midnight that following Monday, the store opens up for a pre-order style release.  A few weeks later, once all the polish has been made and shipped to PPU headquarters, orders start being compiled and sent.  It's just like magic for us customers, really.

Okay, so now you know the why.  Let's get into the what for April.  

Nail Hoot Polish 

Polish Name: Pink Nebula

Maker Description: Pink Nebula is a delicious hot pink creme with a delicate sprinkle of black glitters and a dash of purple shimmer. This beauty can be worn as a quick 1-coater, but add a second coat if you want to double up the glitter. 

My notes on colour and finish: Pink! Pink, pink, pink!  The addition of the glitters and purple sparkle are just extras because PINK!

Formula/Application: I am so impressed with the formula of this polish. Easily applied and no fishing for glitter.

Coats: Two. Almost one but not quite.

Capped/Limit: No cap.


Additional Commentary: Not only has PPU been great for finding new brands but it's also helped with reminding me of brands I used to buy more of. Nail Hoot is definitely one of those brands for me.  Everyone needs to take a closer look, in my opinion.

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Native War Paints

Polish Name: Across the Universe

Maker Description: Ink blue jelly base with blue/violet/red/orange chameleon shimmer, silver holo microglitter, and scattered holo.

My notes on colour and finish: This is a wowzer of a shift. There's nothing subtle about this one. It's a full out BAM! polish.

Formula/Application: Quite smooth and easily applied.  The brush is the perfect length for me to get the control I like.

Coats: Two

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $11

Additional Commentary: This is Native War Paint's first month in PPU. It's obvious that they're here with a statement polish!  This one is not to be ignored.

Necessary Evil Polish

Polish Name: I Am Starstuff

Maker Description: Purplish-fuchsia chameleon with scattered holo, silver-copper-gold micro-flakes, copper shimmer, and two kinds of UCC flakies: blue-purple shift and an opal shift variety that changes from orange-pink-gold. This color is black light reactive.

My notes on colour and finish: I cannot get over how amazing this nail polish is.  Love love love. It did dry down matte, but shiny top coat helped to shine it up.

Formula/Application: Perfect viscosity - not too thick and not too thin. Easy to apply.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: 85 bottles


Additional Commentary: This polish is the reason that I love PPU. A brand I would have probably not paid close attention to just rocketed to the top of my 'must try more' list.

Night Owl Lacquer

Polish Name: You Heard About Pluto?

Maker Description: a greige crelly base with copper shimmer, charcoal flakies, bright silver flakes and red/copper/orange/gold ultra chrome chameleon flakes.

My notes on colour and finish: When I posted this on Facebook, someone commented on my photos saying it reminded them of granite.  That is the perfect description.

Formula/Application: Smooth and easy. No issues to report.

Coats: 2

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $10.00

Additional Commentary: I have become a fan of NOL.  All the ones I have tried so far have been unique with a flawless formula.  Win for me.

Northern Star Polish

Polish Name: Age of Aquarius

Inspiration: the constellation Aquarius featured in the celestial ceiling of New York’s Grand Central Station

Maker Description: a teal polish filled with metallic turquoise flakes and flashes of pink aurora pigment and metallic gold.

My notes on colour and finish: Green lovers are going to love this one.  I feel like it could be a perfect holiday polish or an every day polish.  The gold flakes make it for me.

Formula/Application: Easy, opaque polish.  Perfect consistency. Could be a one coater.

Coats: Two

Capped/Limit: 150 bottles

Price: $10.00

Additional Commentary: Another brand that I am loving these days.  PPU has opened my eyes to so many new brands.

Nvr Enuff

Polish Name: This Place is a Tomb

Inspiration: Event Horizon

Maker Description: a blue based multichrome with a red to pink to golden chromatic shift, an amazing purple flare and linear holo.

My notes on colour and finish: Holy shift, Batman! I wouldn't know what colour to say this is because the shift is so strong!

Formula/Application: Sheer at first but builds up nicely. Use a light hand to prevent brush strokes.

Coats: Three.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $11.50

Additional Commentary: Nvr Enuff has a large brush. Most people love it because you can pretty much cover the nail in one swipe.  My hands are a bit smaller so I have to be careful.  It's a matter of personal preference, though.

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Polish Name: The Twisting Nether

Inspiration: The Twisting Nether in the World of Warcraft universe

Maker Description: a bright blue jelly with a mix of holo flakes, red to green pigment, and mixed chameleon flakes.

My notes on colour and finish: Even though the description on this one is blue, I would call it a purple.  It's one of those colours that can go easily between both. The flakes were plentiful but not overpowering.  It was like a birthday party for the nails.

Formula/Application: Easily applied.  Dried semi textured and once it was, it had a matte-ish finish.  I recommend a shiny topcoat to really bring out the sparkle.

Coats: Almost one! But I did two for the sake of photography.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $11

Additional Commentary: Pahlish was one of my very first indies with her Dr. Who collection. I treasure my bottle of Bad Wolf still.

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Painted Polish

Polish Name: By Grabthar's Hammer

Maker Description: a vampy purple holo with gold galaxy glitters, turquoise microglitters, gold, bronze, and copper colour-shifting flakies plus a glowing copper shimmer.

My notes on colour and finish: This is one of those polish that can look plum or brown or grey depending on the light. The golden shimmer is next level amazing!

Formula/Application: It does dry a touch on the textured side, so I found working quickly was my best bet. A couple coats of a thick topcoat smoothed it all out.

Coats: Three.


Price: $12.50

Additional Commentary: Another new to me brand.  I am so amazed by the sheer volume of great polish out there in the indie universe.

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Peachtree Polish

Polish Name: Wine Sparkles on M81

Maker Description: a shimmery wine colored jelly with micro holographic flakes and purple/gold/blue UCC flakies.

My notes on colour and finish: I totally thought that this was a creme flakie polish in the bottle so I was really pleased when it turned out that it was a jelly polish.  It added the shine and squishy-factor.

Formula/Application: Probably the thinnest jelly formula I have ever used and I loved it.  It glided onto my nail so easily. The first coat is sheer but it built to opacity.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: 75 bottles

Price: $10.50

Additional Commentary: I really hope people give this polish a try. At only 75 bottles available, it is too bad that not everyone will be able to get a bottle.

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Pepper Pot Polish 

Polish Name: Queen of the Galaxy

Inspiration: the movie 'Barbarella'

Maker Description: a vibrant bright orange, in a yellow leaning base that has a slight red/orange/yellow shift, filled with green/orange iridescent glitter, orange/pink colour shifting flakes, and red/pink aurora pigment.

My notes on colour and finish: For me, this polish was orange (the kind of orange I love) that shifted to a gold. It was so glowy that I feel it it was luminescent on the nails. The perfect Halloween orange.

Formula/Application: Very good. I had to take care right on the edge of my curves so as not to get dragging, but no issues to report.

Coats: Three.

Capped/Limit: 75 bottles

Price: $10.50

Additional Commentary: Another polish that makes me sad that only 75 will be available. Also...BARBARELLA!

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Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish

Polish Name: Flammable Sea

Inspiration: Saturn's moon Titan

Maker Description: an ethereal sea-foam green packed with silver holo glitters, iridescent chameleon glitters, and a strong copper shimmer flash.

My notes on colour and finish: On my skin this polish leaned towards a celery green and I really like the uniqueness. The real star of this show, however, is the copper shimmer.  This polish has that 'glow from within' quality.

Formula/Application: Great formula.  Polish applied easily without issues.  It dried down slightly textured so a topcoat will really bring out that shimmer.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $12.00

Additional Commentary: It has been really interesting to watch the progression of this brand's polish in terms of complexity. Every collection gets better and better. I am so glad for Polish Pickup because it makes it easier to get this brand regularly.

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Polish 'M

Polish Name: No One Home

Inspiration: Dogs In Space (a cute book about the solar system by Nancy Coffelt)

Maker Description: A shifty red/gold/green chameleon base with red to orange shifting UCC flakes, orange/pink/gold shifting iridescent flakes, copper galaxy holo, silver holo micro flakes and orange/green shifting iridescent micro glitter.

This photo is in full sunlight

Taken in low lighting

My notes on colour and finish: This shifty number is the perfect representation of a Polish M colour. There is a lot going on from shifts, to flakes, to holo (oh my!) and it always works.  Michelle knows complexity and how to do it.

Formula/Application: Again, another polish that was easy to work with regardless of the amount of details in the polish. No issues.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: 110 bottles

Price: $12.50

Additional Commentary: I love the inspiration for this polish.  I have this book in my classroom and it is a favourite of my students.  They will love seeing this polish!

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Polished For Days

Polish Name: Solar Flare

Inspiration: a photo of a solar flare

Maker Description: a blackened base with orange to green micro flakes, orange to green iridescent flakes and holographic micro flakes.

My notes on colour and finish: The shiftiest of shifty polishes I have worn. The shifting pigment is so strong that I would struggle to describe it.

Formula/Application: I adore Polished for Days' formula.  Smooth, good consistency. Flakes lay smooth.

Coats: Two.



Additional Commentary: You HAVE to buy this polish.  There's nothing else to say.  It's a must-have.

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Pretty Jelly

Polish Name: I Am Groot

Maker Description: Turquoise green with orange/gold shifting shimmer and flakies.

My notes on colour and finish: I would describe this more of a bright emerald green than turquoise but that is semantics. The base is slightly metallic.  Not enough to be a foil, but definitely reflective. The orange/gold flakes and shimmer are perfect!
Formula/Application: These kinds of metallic-ish polishes always seem to apply like butter and so this this!  Simple, easy application.

Coats: Two

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $11

Additional Commentary: I absolutely love the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and Groot (in particular Baby Groot) is my favourite character of them all.  So I was so excited to see this polish inspiration picture pop up for this theme.  The polish does not disappoint!

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Quixotic Polish

Polish Name: To the Moon and Back

Maker Description: a blackened jelly base full of purple, red, blue and green color shifting shimmer accented with green/blue shifting iridescent flakes.

My notes on colour and finish: The shimmer of this polish glows exactly like the glow on the water in the inspiration photo. It shifts from purple to green to blue and they seem to just float under the surface of the polish.

Formula/Application: Perfect! This is my first Quixotic and I will be back for more if this one is what I can expect.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $11.50

Additional Commentary: Dead. Done. Deceased.  This polish is everything!  If my audible gasp when I put the first swipe on my nail is any indication, this baby is going to be a blockbuster.  This polish will definitely be in my top 10 polishes of 2018!

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Ribbits Sitckits

Product Name: Horror of a Picture Show Set

Maker Description: One 15 ml bottle of Frogetaboutit Acetone Additive in the scent Antici........pation, which is inspired by Rocky's oily tan! Antici.........pation scent smells just like tanning oil (including a little bit of something tropical!).Two half sheets of water slide decals! One set is on clear backing, best visible over lighter polish. The other set is on white backing and can be used over any polish. 

Without using the additive on middle and pinky, WITH additive on index and ring fingers.

My notes: I like that this is all being offered as a set. The acetone additive smells delicious and did a good job of keeping the cuticles from drying out.  The vinyls are based on The Rocky Horror Picture show.  I am not much of a nail artist but will be giving these a go shortly and will update with results.  It should be noted that since they are vinyls, they will need to be cut to your nail shape as acetone won't fix any overhang.

Limit/Capped: 150 available
Price: $9

Sassy Pants Polish

Polish Name: Space Pants

Inspiration: Inspired by one of my favorite Saturday Night Live skits, Mafia Meeting. This confrontation between mobsters is interrupted by a singer's (Peter Dinklage) performance about his “Space Pants”.

Maker Description: Black scattered holographic polish loaded with various holographic pigments, micro glitters and shreds. Also features a sprinkling of larger silver holographic hex glitters.

My notes on colour and finish: This is as space-y as a polish gets.  Black base, holo microglitter, and big holo hex glitters. It really does look like the sky at night.

Formula/Application: Pretty decent considering it is a glitter with larger pieces.  I didn't get a ton of hexes but I did get enough to be satisfied and I didn't need to do any fishing to get them.  Dries textured, so I recommend a thicker top coat. I'd also do a peel off base coat as these types of glitter are notorious for being difficult to remove.  I used a latex based and it peeled away easily.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: 100 bottles

Price: $12.00

Additional Commentary: The owners of this brand also created a soap that will be available during the window.  While I wasn't sent one for review, if you check out Polish Pickup Pack, you'll see that it's getting a ton of buzz.

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Sayuri Nail Lacquer 

Polish Name: Moonbeam Dreams

Inspiration: Dreamy Moon artwork by Katelyn Morse

Maker Description: A dusky purple base with gold shimmer, tiny gold and rose glitters, and gold-pink colour shifting flakies. This one is a bit of a chameleon depending on the light, and will sometimes appear more of a cool lilac, and at other times a warm lavender.

My notes on colour and finish: This polish is beautiful.  It's completely work appropriate while still being 'indie'.  It's classy and classic.  One of my favourites!

Formula/Application: Easily applied.  I was a little worried about dragging because of the flakes but it worked beautifully. 

Coats: Two

Capped/Limit: 180 bottles

Price: $12.00

Additional Commentary: This is a brand that I have heard a ton about but haven't ever tried.  What a great introduction and I will be back for more! I expect this to sell out quickly!

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Scofflaw Varnish

Polish Name: Life on Mars?

Inspiration: David Bowie

Maker Description: a skintone-flattering, rich burnt red-orange base that has been infused with a galaxy of scattered holo and flakes. In low light, it sparkles and flashes with vivid aqua blue shimmer, microglitters, and highlights. In bright light, the scattered holo comes out to play. And finally, the whole thing has been finished off with silver flecks.

My notes on colour and finish: Of all the polish this month, this would win the award for most unique colour.  A muted not quite red with a gorgeous aqua shimmer and holo flakes.  It perfectly matches the inspiration and I love every single detail.

Formula/Application: This is my first Scofflaw and it will not be my last. It was perfect in every single way.

Coats: One.  Yes, one.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $12.50

Additional Commentary: When I saw that space was the theme I was kind of meh on it. My only hope was that someone make a nail polish based on David Bowie so when this inspiration photo popped up in the group I was SO excited.  To see it perfectly executed is even better. I am 100% sure that wherever Ziggy Stardust is, he approves of this polish.

Serum No. 5

Polish Name: Cosmic Ray

Maker Description: a glow in the dark thermal polish with a purple duochrome shift and flakes.

My notes on colour and finish: Kind of purple, kind of grey, with a really great pink shimmer and delicate flakes.  It dries slightly matte and textured so a top coat helps with that.

Formula/Application: Thinner formula that I like so it applied wonderfully for me.

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: 250 available

Price: $14

Additional Commentary: Okay, you guys. This polish seriously blew my mind.  I have mentioned before that I am a fan of thermals and not only was the polish a really pretty thermal, but it GLOWS IN THE DARK, too!  I have never seen a GitD thermal before and I am in awe.

Shinespark Polish

Polish Name: Maveth

Inspiration: Named for the planet Maveth from season 3 of Agents of SHIELD

Maker Description: a baby blue/cornflower/lavender pastel multichrome linear holographic polish, with scattered holo flakes throughout.

My notes on colour and finish: What looked like an average blue holo in the bottle really came to life on the nail.  The shift from blue into lavender is my favourite of the all and this one surprised me!  A definite must-have in my opinion.

Formula/Application: Like buttah, baby! Smooth, thinner but not runny, and spread nicely on the nail.

Coats: Two

Capped/Limit: 200 bottles

Price: $10.00

Additional Commentary: Another new kid on the block in the polish world and I'm so glad that PPU is around to allow these smaller brands a platform to reach a large audience. This polish will grab some attention for the brands.

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Siren of the Sea Vinyls

Product Name: Outta This World Vinyl Set

Maker Description: Two pages of space-themed vinyls along with a set of nail jewels.

My notes: Again, nail art disclaimer. At this point, you all must be laughing at home at my attempts! It's okay, I have a sense of humour about it but I am telling you, the fact that I even managed to get something passable speaks to the product.  I found the shape of the vinyl made it easy for a novice like me to have something there to pull it off once I sponged on the second colour.

Limit/Capped: 30 available
Price: $10

Also available from Siren of the Sea Vinyls is this green, holo Helmer decal.  It's fun, cute, and really reflective in person.  I would have shown it on my Helmers but I have green ones that are almost the exact same colour.

Limit/Capped: No cap.
Price: $4

Smokey Mountain Lacquers

Polish Name: Andromeda Galaxy

Maker Description: a black jelly base with blue to pink colour shifting shimmer (aurora), silver holo micro flakies and gold shimmer.

My notes on colour and finish: The blackened base allows the purple shimmer to shine through. It's much more purple in person than in photos.

Formula/Application: I love how each coat built up the shimmer and added so much depth. 

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: 200 bottles

Additional Commentary: I am in love with how much this matches the photo. A perfect representative of the galaxy.

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Stached Polish

Polish Name: Gallifreyan Space/Time Thingy

Inspiration: Dr. Who

Maker Description: A denim blue crelly with purple, iridescent, and blue flakies, micro holo pink glitters, and micro holo purple flakies.

My notes on colour and finish: I found this polish to go between a blue or a purple depending on lighting. In person, I found it more purple but the camera saw the blue. The pink microglitters really steal the show in this polish.

Formula/Application: Great. Nice, thicker, shorter brush means lots of control.  In my notes I wrote 'why have I waited so long to try this brand?'

Coats: Two.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $12

Additional Commentary: Stached has really carved out a niche for herself in making polishes for fandoms that people love.  When I think of Harry Potter polishes, this is the brand I think of first. Moving on to Dr. Who (another cult following fandom) only makes sense.

Starlight Polish

Polish Name: Fires of Creation

Maker Description: a blackened blue base with red to green shifting unicorn pee pigment (the original unicorn pee, not the new aurora pigment with the same shift), interspersed with blue to green shifting shimmer, scattered holographic pigment and flakes, bright blue micro flakes, and iridescent micro glitter.

My notes on colour and finish: Three words - OG Unicorn Pee.

Formula/Application: The base is dark and really saturated. It wasn't until I added the top coat that things started popping out. I used a ton of barrier butter when removing because I was worried about the base staining my skin. It didn't, but I recommend you do the same.

Coats: Two

Capped/Limit: 350 bottles

Price: $18.50

Additional Commentary: It's a pricy polish but the inclusion of the original UP pigment completely justifies that. I expect that this will sell out, even with the high cap and higher price.

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STELLA Chroma 

Polish Name: May the Schwartz Be With You

Maker Description: a flashy gold polish packed with gold holographic glitter. A breeze to apply and opaque in 2-3 coats. She dries to a smooth finish, but looks best with a coat of topcoat

My notes on colour and finish: Gold microglitter!  The end.

Formula/Application: Sheer on the first coat and it built up to opacity. It did dry textured but I only needed one coat of top coat to smooth it out. Removal needed a little extra time with the acetone because of the glitter but not unmanageable by any means.

Coats: Three.

Capped/Limit: No cap.

Price: $12

Additional Commentary: I love me a good gold microglitter!  It's so blingy and fun!

Also available from Stella Chroma is Spaceballs: The Sugar Scrub. The Sugar Scrub is a fantastic emulsified sugar scrub scented with cucumber mint fragrance. I cannot express how much I love this product. I tried my first one from PPU a few months ago and I am hooked.  I will never be without again!

Limit/Capped: No cap.
Price: $5.50

Supermoon Lacquer

Polish Name: Bodies of Heavenly Light

Inspiration: 'Heavenly Bodies of Light' is inspired by NSYNC's song, 'Space Cowboy' from their sophomore album 'No Strings Attached' which was released back in 2000. A photograph of them performing the song, as well as video from their HBO concert special at Madison Square Garden, was used when figuring out the color for the polish. NSYNC is, hands down, my favorite boy band - and group in general - of all time. I was definitely one of those fangirls that had her walls plasters in magazine pages that had their photos on them. I was able to see them perform live in concert four times before they disbanded and was also lucky enough to meet and get the autograph of my favorite member, Chris Kirkpatrick.

Maker Description: Turquoise based holographic with green/blue/red/purple colour shifting shimmer, red and white sparks, red-gold and green-purple aurora pigment, and iridescent, silver, and gold holographic microglitter.

My notes on colour and finish: The camera really wants to see the blue lean in this polish but it is much more teal in person. I would consider the base something I would describe as a mature mermaid.

Formula/Application: Smooth, easily spreadable, rich and creamy. It dries quickly.

Coats: One.  That's right, ONE COAT for full opaque coverage!

Capped/Limit: No

Price: $13.00

Additional Commentary: This is easily my favourite Supermoon Lacquer ever. I am a huge fan of the maker, Mardi's, formula. This polish is perfection in a bottle and when I looked back at my notes, I wrote "[long drawn out explicit f-word]" under the info!

Supernatural Lacquer

Polish Name: Mercury in Retrograde

Maker Description: a deep, almost blood red base with red/orange/gold multichrome shimmer, red-orange ultra chameleon chrome flakes, orange/red/gold colour shifting flakes, and a touch of scattered holo.

My notes on colour and finish: This is a gorgeous polish that looks reddish burgundy in some lights and a deep burnt orange in others. It's not quite a duochrome but the shimmer can give it that appearance. One of my favourites of this brand, ever!

Formula/Application: Fantastic formula.  The kind of thickness that stays where it's put when applied but is still easily spreadable.

Coats: Two.  A heavier hand could probably get away with one coat, but I did two for depth of shimmer.

Capped/Limit: 250 bottles

Price: $11.50

Additional Commentary: If you are a collector of Supernatural Lacquer, don't miss out on this one.  I suspect it will be a cult favourite. If you're new to the brand, I highly suggest that this be your first. It would be an amazing introduction to a brand.

Top Shelf Lacquer

Polish Name: Light 'Em Up

Inspiration: This polish is inspired by the view of the Northern Lights from space. Such a unique view of this natural light show.

Maker Description: A sister to the March PPU polish, “Light ‘em Up!” is a super shifty multi-chrome polish that shifts from a bright emerald green to turquoise blue with hints of purple. It is loaded with chameleon flakes that shift from pink to orange to green. The base is also scattered with tiny holographic glitter.

My notes on colour and finish: This polish is a shifter!! The green to turquoise and purple at extreme angles is my favourite of all the chrome shifts. It is much more multichrome in person than pictures can capture (pesky ones, these shifty polishes).

Formula/Application: I have always had great luck with the formula from Top Shelf Lacquer. It's not thin but it isn't that thicker formula either. 

Coats: Three. I do thin coats so I used three to get the build up I like.  Most people would easily get away with two.

Capped/Limit: No cap

Price: $13.00

Additional Commentary: I am a huge fan of Top Shelf Lacquer (since the beginning) but these shifty chromes with the shifty flakes that Amy has been doing for PPU have really taken my love to a whole new level. These have the potential to be what the brand is 'known' for.  They have to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. I especially love that Amy made this polish with me in mind because of the fact that I live right in the middle of that ring of light in the inspiration photo.

Also available from Top Shelf Lacquer is this three pack of shower steamers in Lavender Mint (spearmint) Menthol, Citrus Menthol (sweet orange, lemon and grapefruit) and Ylang Ylang Menthol. If you haven't tried these things yet, don't hesitate! I use these shower steamers whenever I feel even the hint of a cold coming on and they help with congestion. My husband enjoys them a lot as well, so they're 'man cold approved'. I even like them on the mornings when you're just not feeling it and need a little something to wake you up. Limit/Capped: 80-100 available Price: $9/set of 3

Turtle Tootsie Polishes

Polish Name: Bolide

Maker Description: a dark chocolate brown magnetic polish that shimmers a light brown when using a magnet to bring the pigment to the surface.  It’s accented with silver holographic micro glitter.  There will be a neodymium magnet included as well as instructions with each bottle purchased!

Photo taken in natural light

My notes on colour and finish: I love the dark brown and then the light aspect where the magnetic pigments are. Such a beautiful jelly polish and one that has hooked me for magnetics.

Formula/Application: The base is sheer, which makes sense in order to see the magnetic effect. It took a few coats to build opacity but I didn't experience dragging at all.

Coats: Three.

Capped/Limit: 500 bottles

Price: $13.00

Additional Commentary: Of everything this month, I think this polish most looked like actual space on my nails.  I am excited now to try more magnetics. Each bottle will come with the magnet. I had some fun trying different kinds of magnets on swatch sticks.

Vibrant Vinyls

Product Name: Fast & Hard Quick Dry Top Coat

Maker Description: a fun, playful blend of bubblegum, fluffy cotton
candy, juicy apples, & pears swirled together with sugared candy lemon drops and rounded out with a hint of Madagascar vanilla.

My notes: The only topcoat I will ever use from here on in. I plan to buy this by the truckload.  Not even my Seche Vite dries as quickly or as shiny.

Limit/Capped: 200 bottles
Price: $6.99

Product Name: Strip Me Softly Acetone Additive Duo

Maker Description: 'Galactic Unicorn' - A fun, playful blend of bubblegum, fluffy cotton candy, juicy apples, & pears swirled together with sugared candy lemon drops and rounded out with a hint of Madagascar vanilla.

'Comet Me Bro' - This is what I imagine a really attractive male
astronaut might smell like. This fragrance blends fresh greens, warm wind, fresh air, pepper, musk, and oakmoss rounded out with mahogany and water.

Strip Me Softly leaves your skin looking hydrated and quenched after polish removal. Simply add it to pure acetone or any polish remover you like to combat the usual dryness it causes.

Simply shake the 7.5ml vial to mix (separation is normal) and pour into pure acetone or any nail polish remover. Add as much or as little as you like. I recommend one vial per 6-8 oz. of acetone but you can adjust to your preference. Non-acetone and removers with moisturizing ingredients already added will need less.

Your improved polish remover will work just as well without the harsh drying affects. Be sure to shake the remover before each use to reincorporate the mix.

My notes: I love the scents and feel that they compliment each other perfectly. This product works like a charm, as the above photo shows.  It doesn't have that white, powdery drying effect that acetone alone does.

Capped/Limit: 200 duos
Price: $6.99

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And there you have it.  All the polishes and products that were sent to me for review for April's 'Across the Universe' Polish Pickup.  If I have learned anything from the last few weeks of reviewing these products, it's that we are among some very talented people and there is literally something for everyone here.

I have welcomed all your feedback as I have posted my reviews over the last few days.  Bloggers are merely just talking into space without you all out there to read the words and knowing that people were taking the time to do so has been very appreciated.

Keep an eye out for a 'wanderer' post coming later this week.  Some of the polishes sent to me have decided to take the long way here!  Until that time, good luck with those wishlists!

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