My Indie Polish - Seven Year Switch

Hey, hey everyone!

I know that things have been quieter again lately but I am hoping to get back into the swing of things again. After an insanely busy summer that included moving and an emergency surgery (both of which wreaked havoc on my nails), I feel like I am beginning to settle into my new job and have enough time to devote to some blogging interests again.

And boy, oh boy, am I back with a doozy of a polish to show you all today.

My Indie Polish - Seven Year Switch

Some of you may know that I have a Facebook group for thermal nail polish lovers called Holy Shift. Every now and again, polishes are created and offered specifically for members of this group. When Tanya of My Indie Polish contacted me about a thermal flakie with a very strong multichrome shifting shimmer, I was intrigued to see it.  The results are fabulous.

Seven Year Switch is a deep forest green to white thermal base with colour shifting flakes and a strong purple to green shifting duochrome shimmer.  It sounds complex and it is.  This is a stunning polish and I literally gasped out loud when I put it on for the first time.  The thermal shift is a strong one, and then combined with the shifting shimmer it becomes one of those really special polishes.

I half expected the warm state to be almost translucent on my nails but with a few coats I didn't have much visible nail line.

I used three thin coats of Seven Year Switch for the opacity that you see here. It applied easily and the formula smoothed onto the nail without any issues. It is a really reactive thermal, so it shifted between cold to warm and into transition throughout the day.  Excellent formula with a stunning result.

Seven Year Switch will be available tomorrow, October 1st at 9am EDT.  It will be priced at $16CAD plus shipping.  This polish is in VERY limited supply. As in, only 20 bottles will be available kind of limited. Once it's gone, that's it. There won't be more, so I recommend you jump on this one if you want a bottle.

Will you be grabbing this beauty?

My Indie Polish 

Fiendish Fancies - Broken Mirror, Broken Minds (September 2018 Polish Pickup)

Hey all!

I made it before the weekend is over and the window for Polish Pickup is closed for another month.  And that would have been tragic because this month (Scary Movies) was MADE for my favourite Canadian brand - Fiendish Fancies.

Broken Mirror, Broken Minds

When PPU announced that this month was going to be based on makers' favourite scary movies, I couldn't wait to see what Lara would come up with.  EVERY release she does is based on the darker side of pop media, so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed.  And I wasn't.

Broken Mirror, Broken Minds is described as a cool iris blue-purple with flakes of gold, yellow, and blue. There was a very subtle sparkle of holo in this one when outside in the sunlight. It was based off of the movie Suspiria, which I have not seen, but now have added to my list. If I have learned anything from being a Fiendish Fancies customer over the years, it is that Lara doesn't take her inspirations lightly and you can bet that the polish is well thought out and each element is reflected in the movie.

The formula of Broken Mirror, Broken Minds is top notch. Things have been busier than normal around here and I swatched this polish and didn't get around to photographing it. So I wore it for an entire five days without as much as tip wear. I changed my polish and then a day later, I swatched this one again.  This time, I took photographs but I was lazy to change it so I ended up wearing it again and AGAIN it lasted for another five days.  Fiendish is one of those brands that just wear really well on me.  I used three thin coats for coverage you see here though I believe regular wear (read: not under a photographer's bright lights) would be just fine for two.

Broken Mirror, Broken Minds is available NOW and is not to be missed! It can be found at Polish Pickup for $11.50 and it is capped at 100 bottles.  If you've been on the fence about trying this brand, this is a great introduction!

Polish Pickup