Fiendish Fancies - Moments of Horror (PPU March 2020)

Hey, y'all. It's been a hot minute since my last post. I am currently in my last weeks of pregnancy and my energy levels have been depleting. Nothing to make you sit up and take notice than a pretty polish on your fingertips. Now that I am officially done work for a while, I have been back to polishing my nails again and I am so excited to share Fiendish Fancies' offering for March 2020 Polish Pickup.

Moments of Horror (March 2020)

Moments of Horror is a mossy olive green (when cold) to golden peach (when warm) thermal that is filled with golden shimmer and small gold flakes.

There's no secret that I love me a good thermal nail polish but I do find that it has become increasingly difficult to find ones that don't look exactly like duplicates of what I already have because of the limited thermal pigments available.  But somehow, this one fit the bill and is completely unique in my collection. The flashpoint of the temperature change was just right and I saw a constant changing of the polish from inside to outside.

Moments of Horror is based on the horror movie 'The Mummy' (the classic, not the modern) and the theme this month of Polish Pickup is 'Ancient History', so it works perfectly.

I used three thin coats of Moments of Horror to get the coverage you see in these photos.  Two coats were more than enough, but I like to ensure the camera won't pick up any unnecessary nail line.

Thermal pigments are known to be thicker when mixed but I didn't find the polish too thick to work with.  That indie polish thickness where you place it on the nail and it stays put and doesn't flood the cuticles and not that thickness that makes it gloopy and difficult, if that makes sense.

Moments of Horror is currently available from Polish Pickup and will continue to be so until Monday, March 9th at 11:59pm.

It is listed as $12.50 USD and is capped at 75 on the US site and 15 on the UK site.

Have you grabbed this polish?

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Until next time! Hopefully it won't be as long!

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