Top Shelf Lacquer - After A Spring Rain Wax Melts (June Polish Pickup)

It's me, again.

While I know my nail polish obsession is pretty apparent, did all y'all also know that I am equally as addicted to wax melts? There's just something so cozy about my house smelling how I feel.

Top Shelf Lacquer is one of my favourite polish brands that also makes wax melts and I have been melting Amy's blends for a while and am so impressed with the throw and longevity of the wax.

After a Spring Rain is an in-house blend of fresh cut grass and garden greens with a hint of mint for a refreshing kick.  It has undertones of spring flowers and sandalwood for some added warmth.

After melting this wax, grass blends have shot up to the top of my list of favourite things to melt during the summer.  I have always been a fruity summer melter but the scent here is just so stereotypically summer that I feel like this will be my go-to blend for the season.  My husband, who is very vocally adverse to anything floral, quite liked this scent as well (so much that he had put in his own cube yesterday while I was working.....that's how I know he loves it).

I added a block of 'After a Spring Rain' to an already hot warmer and the wax melted within five minutes. Within 2-3 minutes I was starting to get the throw, and by the 15-20 minute mark it was obvious throughout our home.  I left the wax in for close to 50 hours before changing it and I felt like there was still life left in the scent.

These melts are 2.7oz and retail for $4.50USD.  No cap is planned.

Will you be grabbing this today?

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