Fiendish Fancies - You're So Cool (February 2019 PPU Exclusive)

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Are all y'all ready for tomorrow's Polish Pick Up window opening?! *ohhhs, ahhhs*

It's my favourite weekend of the month because these days with exchange and shipping, my polish habit has taken a bit of a hit.....and who can argue with getting as much polish from as many brands as possible in one package that ships for $5?  Not this girl!

Anyways, enough rambling from me and on to the reason you're here....swatches! This month's theme is Duos, which is perfect for Valentine's Day.

Fiendish Fancies - You're So Cool

You're So Cool is described as a a bright pink with copper magnetic flash, turquoise sparkle and purple sparkle and flakes.  This polish leaned towards red on my skin tone. Let's chat a little bit about the magnetic shimmer. This isn't the effect you're used to seeing with magnetics. Because the base colour is much brighter and isn't a jelly, you don't see that obvious line.  What you DO see (and photos struggle to capture) is this coppery shimmer that just seems to float under the surface of the polish and move as the hand moves. The added detail of the purple and teal flakes just gives this polish more complexity.  I kinda love it.

You're So Cool is inspired by the duo of Clarence Worley and Alabama Whitman from the Tarantino classic 'True Romance'.  If you follow Fiendish Fancies at all, you know how committed Lara is to her subject matter and this polish shows just how much!

I used two coats of You're So Cool for the photos. The polish was a near one-coater but I did two to get that magnetic shimmer. It applied smoothly and I wore it or 6 days without chips or much wear.

Just for funsies and to show that shimmer a bit better, I did a flash photo.  This isn't colour accurate, but it does give a better idea of what the flash of shimmer looks like.

You're So Cool will be available from February 1 until February 4 at Polish Pickup.

Happy Shopping, Nail-philes!

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